Talk about a slap in the face!!

Chastity switched jobs about five years ago. She left her job as a caterer. She currently manages a hair salon. She just woke up and wanted a change. Many people were sad when she left. They threw her an amazing farewell party. Now… she’s ready to take on the next challenge. However, that challenge lasted way more longer than expected.

After the big farewell.. She didn’t really keep in touch with anyone. With the exception of a few people. Many didn’t keep in touch with her either. She had a friend that always reminded her.. “These aren’t our friends.” It took her a while to get it. She would need a few wake up calls. In the years to come. Chastity is very smart, super smart, friendly, helpful and she’ll save you from a line of fire. She decided not to work for four months. Must be nice… Anyway, she runs into a friend that works at a shop. They have coffee and cake. She mentions that she’s going to be working at a salon. They are looking for receptionists. Chastity, thought it would be a good idea. It’s a totally different environment. She wouldn’t have to manage a team of one hundred. Also, she’ll have her hair done. ALL THE TIME!!!

She has the interview. The place was beautiful. The staff was friendly and offered her a beverage. It was champagne at 10am. She took the water option instead. The interview lasted about two hours. She figured that she had the job. She was notified when she got home, she did. So, she had a week to relax before her start date. She made sure that happened.

She starts the job. She’s the new person, it’s a bit awkward. She was really friendly and two of the stylists, recognized her from the neighborhood. By the next day, everything was fine. She didn’t expect the drama that comes with working in the industry. The salon was beautiful, the clientele was amazing. What’s up with the attitudes? Oh!! The boss is a bit of a problem. That comes with the territory. Most jobs have super shitty bosses. Along with super shitty employees. However, it was the boss that made it a bad environment. Everyone was happy when she wasn’t there. Chastity didn’t give a damn. She just had to answer the phone and book appointments. Well.. at that moment. Then she would hear all kinds of negative things about the staff. She would stay out of it. She also made sure her name stayed out of it too.

As time went on… Staff were coming and going like crazy. She never witnessed a turnover like that. A few years later… It’s a balancing act. A few staff members are aware that Mitchell was pocketing funds. They mentioned that is how he paid for the staff lunches. That were on him. Mitchell was a great manager. He looked out for everyone. He became a bit of a tyrant at the end. It was understandable later…

They find out that it’s true. He took them for thousands of dollars. Then, the staff had to go to court. Make speeches and write statements. They did all of that and nothing. The staff was never informed about the situation. This would happen again, years later. Chastity is now promoted. She didn’t really receive a pay raise. Due to the small business needed to make the money back. That was apparently stolen. The crazy thing is that Chastity and Anna were informed, Mitchell accused them of stealing. Which they felt wasn’t true. They really didn’t know what to believe. They were about to have no days off. Not one, no one gave a shit.

Moving forward, Chastity and Anna held it down. They never had disagreements. They were a team. They literally ran that salon. It was stressful at times but they did it. They liked the overtime pay. They also got along with everyone. However, the boss had to see. These two are busting their asses. Maintaining the shop, keeping product in the shop, going along with lies. They didn’t like misleading people. So… These two became wage slaves.

Suddenly, things are popping up in the shop. Yes!! It becomes a pop up shop. Guess who’s running all of this? Yes… It’s Chastity and Anna!! Now they’re managing other employees that aren’t theirs, staying later if they weren’t finished. They were errand girls. Running back and forth fixing all kinds of mistakes. That had nothing to do with them. They had to open and lock up the shop. It was a nightmare. Eventually, that fell flat flat flat flat.

The shop is now in a new location. There are disputes left and right. Anna, immediately quits after a week at the new place. Leaving Chastity to work and train new hires. Which never worked out. They didn’t like the bosses. Chastity, would put up with it. She was making more money. However, she was over worked. She would have days that she didn’t want to talk. The bosses would accuse her of having an attitude. How about she works six days a week and is exhausted? She then realized that they didn’t give a shit about her. They would threaten her about communication with previous employees. They bullied the fuck out of her!!! She’s not the petty type. So, she wasn’t going to burn any bridges. She decided to step down in Mid March. In the middle of March, the world was hit with a pandemic.

During the pandemic… She barely communicated with her bosses. It may have been if they had a question or to share something on social media. Other than that, she hasn’t really spoken to them much. Meanwhile, the world is slowly getting back to normal. Chastity, has been offered positions where she will end up working for herself. Which is great for her. After being home for months. It inspired her change. I hope she knocks it out of the park.

After years of being their superhero. They don’t even bother with her. That’s a slap in the face. A huge one!!!

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.