You’ve Caused This!!!!

The experience of watching an individual go from loved to despised. Is the most fascinating thing that I’ve ever seen. I’m not speaking in the form of messy. Don’t get me wrong… Of course, I had a bit of a laugh inside. Screw that! I’m probably going to laugh each time I run into this individual. It’s just insane the way things work out.

Sometimes when you care about someone. You tend to turn the other cheek. Especially, when they’ve “kind of “ been loyal to you. However, it was completely wrong to do that. It just so happened that my turn was coming too. I watched this individual say the most meanest things about an individual. Everyone thought that it was just fun shade. No! This idiot meant every freaking word. I’m confused… You talk about how much you are this caring, loving and god fearing individual. You’re absolutely not!!! You’re a disgusting human being.

Some will probably blame the alcohol content. I did too, at first. However, a drunk speaks a sober mind. Things would occur when I wasn’t around. I would come back and this person is getting lectured on being mean. Slowly, everyone started distancing themselves from the individual. I would mention a name. Everyone would roll their eyes and sigh. “How can you be friends with someone like that?” “This person doesn’t give a rats ass about you! Or, anyone for that matter.” It was becoming an episode of the Real Housewives anytime this person showed up. Tears, screaming and a bunch of elephants in the room.

It hit me when this person started bashing individuals in our social circle. Oh no! That’s not cool! Especially, when this person saved your ass from drama. Come to think about it… Many of us have. It would go on for quite sometime. I’ve finally said something about it. That has led to a few arguments. This was becoming the friend of convenience. They hit you up when they feel like it. They have a crisis or some foolishness. When the shoe was on the other foot. It would be dead silence. Or, when asked a favor. It’s a song and dance. How easily we forget about the hurdles people jumped for you.

Then it became… “Misery loves company” I could never. How can you just marvel at someone’s pain? Your friend went through a breakup. You throw your relationship all in his face. Knowing what your friend was going through. You enjoyed seeing your friend doing bad. Then when things flipped. Your friend is going much better and that’s all everyone is talking about. You can’t be happy for him. All of a sudden because he’s dating. He’s some kind of promiscuous slutty individual. Now that you’re in a relationship now. You get to look down and judge people. Let’s not forget about those visits and phone conversations sweetie. You have a negative comment about his appearance. Meanwhile, everyone has nothing but positive things to say. Or anytime the focus wasn’t on you. You made sure to pull a stunt. That wack ass proposal stunt wasn’t cute. Or, the outburst of tears over nothing. Just so everyone can focus on you. What a loser…

That’s so tacky! It’s also really sad to see. You’ve burned bridges and pretty much on an island all alone. The crazy thing is how many people have said.. “They wish that they haven’t met you.” I can’t say that. I’m considering this a lesson learned. Now it’s just going to be harder letting someone in.

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.

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