Sonya & Jonathan

It’s below forty degrees and Sonya is outside! This is pretty gnarly. She will not attend anything between January and March. She finds it completely unnecessary and cruel for people to have functions during winter. I guess with her jolly green giant of a boyfriend keeps her warm through it all. These two still can’t keep their hands off one another. Lane and Bismarck are very much the same. With Bizzy Jr. now these two are very busy…

Which led to Sonya, Jonathan, David and Mark spending a lot more together. With Sonya’s new career taking off they’ve been great at assisting Jonathan. While he’s being an effective manager. He’s making sure that she doesn’t miss anything. He’s also warmed up to David and Mark. He finds them extremely hilarious. He appreciates their friendship with Sonya. Also, those are the only gentlemen that he will tolerate around Sonya. He’s not a jealous person and he’s very secure about his relationship. He just doesn’t want to ever have to go there. 

Speaking of girlfriends… On the way to visit Bizzy Jr. Sonya and Jonathan are the Godparents are they were elated when asked. It was a given being that him and Bismarck have been best friends for thirty years. They grew up together and had many wild moments. These two are never going to be apart from one another. Jonathan always wanted a brother and its Bismarck! Anyway, David asked Sonya about her friend Serena. The whole vibe definitely changed. Oops! Jonathan started to speak then paused…. He looked at Sonya. “Basically, I can no longer be friends with anyone who is one-sided, only reaches out when it’s convenient for them. I don’t like people that does things for attention, She’s just a fraud, she’s fake as hell, she’s garbage! Whenever, she was in a situation, I would rescue her. My ex and I fought a lot about this. If it was the other way around. She was too busy or nowhere to be found. The icing on the cake was all the crap she said about the BLM movement. While everyone was protesting. She had a lot to say about my man marching and protesting. So, instead of me beating her ass. I decided to just remove it out of my life. Yes, she’s an IT.” Jonathan interrupts her saying, “Let’s stop in here and have a quick shot celebrating my wife taking the trash out”

Omg! Did you just say wife? Mark squealed, sounding like Jackee’ Harry from 227.  “We’re not going anywhere and yes I did say wife. Did I say something wrong?” A car blasting Lil’Kim changes the entire conversation and instead of a shot. It’s now two hours of unlimited mimosas. Bismarck’s parents are visiting so they held down Bizzy Jr. So that the new parents can come out and play. The brunch is a real celebration. Each toast bashed Serena and it was well deserved. Brenda, Opal and Clara…. Yes, Clara! Joined in via FaceTime and gave their two cents. With Opal constantly screaming….. “SHE WAS NEVER A FRIEND TO ANY OF US! SHE’S NOT EVEN HER OWN DAMN FRIEND!!!!!”


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