A date in advance

As much as, they enjoy a good rainy day. This wasn’t the day for it. Serena calls Sonya to remind her about their happy hour date. She’s bringing her boyfriend along…. What?? That definitely wasn’t the plan. This is going to be a quick drive by drink then. Hopefully, the gentleman isn’t there until later. This would literally ruin everything.

Sonya has very little to almost no patience at all. She’ll tolerate a lot of nonsense. However, about an hour of Serena and her boyfriend. She’s ready to jump in front of a train. They’ll go off about some people you don’t even know. Or, even want to care about. Then start taking about the mutual friends. Then start talking about people sitting around them. You literally want to scream. Which Sonya has no problem doing lately. There’s been tons of “STFU’s” from Sonya lately. Hopefully, she won’t have to use it. It’ll likely happen. Let’s hope it doesn’t.

Sonya begins to think of something… She goes to the bar alone on Monday. Who goes to a bar on a Monday? The dude that likes Sonya. Yes… Sonya had a great time with Alex. She’s curious about this dude. He’s about 6’3, slim, has a gorgeous smile. The imprint from his sweatpants is a huge plus. She’s a size queen. She always has been. Anyway, she gets to the bar. “Sonya!!!” He yells to call her over. He has her drink already. He spotted her coming down the street. That was sweet of him. “Cheers to us finally having a minute alone.” He says. They’ve always been here with people. He introduces himself as, Jonathan. “Finally!!” Sonya yells, waving cigarette smoke. He freaks out about the smoke bothering her. It doesn’t, she’s a stoner. Her shit will cancel out his Newport’s any day.

They chat and buy each other a few more rounds. Everything is going fine. He ends up breaking the seal. It’s totally fine… She’s called Serena each time he got up. Serena, instantly suggests we all do a double date. First of all… Ewww!!! Second, who said anything about dating? Getting to know Jonathan… I don’t think he would be able to stomach them. It’ll probably turn into an interview. Which will probably scare him away. They have a habit of doing that. They don’t think it’s them. It’s sure is someone. They laugh at anything that is walking by. He made her snort laugh. He ends up doing it, as well. He leans in and whispers… “You’re beautiful and funny. How about you and I get to strolling?” She feels his breath on her neck. She takes his hand and they leave the bar. Jonathan, went to the restroom twice. Now, they leave the bar.

They continue walking and talking. He’s pointing out things to her. He’s an architect and briefly educated her on a few things. He hasn’t had to use the restroom. It’s her turn now… A lot of places are closing. It’s a Monday night.. Who’s outside? It’s the new Sunday these days. They see a dumpling house. He’s starving and she has to release the alcohol. She was starving too. They proceed to the restaurant. He orders and she runs to the restroom. She immediately calls Clara to tell her what’s happening. Clara, immediately starts telling her to be careful. Make sure that she doesn’t leave anything. She left a few things at someone’s house. She’s never going to see her favorite jeans again. She was seeing someone and she wasn’t ready for a relationship. She politely ended things. He blocked her… She should’ve retrieved her things beforehand. It’s the principle… You don’t keep or destroy someone else’s belongings. That’s another great story. Clara, reminds her to grab condoms. Sonya definitely isn’t going to screw this dude. No matter, how bad she wants to. This is what happened last time… Lost jeans 👖

Sonya and Clara have a good laugh before the food is ready. Jonathan walks over to tell Sonya the table is ready. Her and Clara hang up. After Clara gives her a list of do’s and you better nots. They order water instead of alcohol. He’s looking very attractive to her. As, he talks about whatever he’s talking about. They suddenly get into past relationship talk… He has overheard Sonya talk about recent one. He gave her some good advice. He talked about his previous relationship. He couldn’t deal with the long distance. Sonya has definitely been there. She still misses her ex boyfriend. However, they’re maintaining a friendship. He’s still banging her when he’s in town. Why not? Anyway, the date goes extremely well. They leave the restaurant and make plans to see each other again. It’ll probably be the next day. They go to the same bar.

Serena and Clara are calling her nonstop. She calls Clara who’s watching a movie and drinking Cabernet. She’s just happy that Sonya didn’t make any bad decisions. She’ll talk to Serena about it when they meet up. She can wait… Clara is the girlfriend that won’t judge. Also, she make you laugh about it later… Her and Sonya with the… “Thank you, for waisting my time!” You’ll hear about them soon.

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