A Day At The Factory….

It’s what our creative spaces have turned into. My place starts off spotless on Sunday. By midweek, you would’ve thought that a postal service just dumped everything inside of a fitting room. Wait! Do people still use fitting rooms? I’ve hated them during my retail days. Going in there after a smelly person… Yikes.

While James’s basement looks like you’ll get trapped and held hostage by electrical wires. The days that were working together. It’s either my place or his. Depending on what we’re working on. I was preparing to get all the crap out for recycling. I received a text from a very good friend of mine. That lead to a four hour conversation. It was so good to hear from him. Since he left the city to travel around the world almost three years ago. We’ve reconnected a few times until the pandemic. Since, then we’ve just chatted through text with the occasional FaceTime. This was someone who I would rush home to after work. We enjoyed each other’s company. We had a lot in common. He brought this wild side out of me. I have the most awkwardly loud laugh. Which he thought was the coolest thing. He would say.. “Don’t be embarrassed by your laughter! It’s good for you to keep laughing.” Everyday we hung out it was nothing but laughs. We would get completely trashed and then start chasing each other. The bars that we frequented had to prepare themselves. Only once we’ve gotten out of control. We’ve ended up giving up booze for Lent. It was the night before and it was dangerous. Would I do it again? If he’s down… absolutely!!!

The days we weren’t at a pub. We would just vibe on the roof. Smoking and blasting jazz music. I would get into my mood and begin singing and scatting along. He would always play Ella Fitzgerald and I would lose my mind. It’s so amazing! He would just watch me sing. Then he would give me this long lecture about wasting time just working for the man and trying to be a superhero to all my “friends”. He would get tired of me beefing about someone wronging me. Telling me that it was my fault. I knew it was, I was trying to hear it. It wasn’t until a so called best friend of mine began trashing him at every moment. Anytime he had a chance. He would bring him up in a negative way. Other friends of mine would get upset with this dude. Everyone else enjoyed him every time he came around. People did love whenever we were together. No one particularly agreed with my best friend complaining. I started seeing the difference between the two. While he was my biggest motivation, therapist and confidant. I saw that my “best friend” hated to see me happy. That green eyed monster is no joke. Bye Bye, “best friend”.

So anyway… Within those four hours of conversation. We’re both doing extremely well surviving this pandemic. We’re both working on the things that we’ve talked about on the roof. I told him that I was working on a music project. How it started with me just making noise. Now I’m getting better as time goes by. I mentioned that I’m going to have a few jazz tracks on the album. Instantly, he wanted to hear everything. Then he offered to help.. I’ve completely forgotten that he can play. We always planned to doing some other kind of project together. Him and James finally meet via FaceTime and they start yapping about me. Later, it’s a match made in Heaven. James reminds me that the album is completed. I was thinking about a B-side or a friends film project. So James sets up a way that we’ve recorded virtually. I still don’t get it. However, we made it happen. The song is coming out great. I’m like… “It has to be on the album.” The song is titled “Reunited” and the instruments are insane. It sounds like the jazz that you hear in the office. It gives me CD 101.9 smooth jazz. That one song led to three more. Who knows what will happen? Stay tuned, I guess.

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.

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