Welcome and Thanks for stopping by. I’m just here doing what I enjoy… Talking about what I enjoy. That is any and everything. I’ll talk about food, pop culture and whatever else there is…. I’m a scatterbrain with multiple personalities. Here we go!!!

99 thoughts on “Welcome!!!”

  1. I like what you’re doing on here. I’m loving this site. I’m going to be visiting a lot. My favorite alien. I would like to see you talk more about the old Hollywood era. You look so good and more comfortable. I was like were you there? Lol! It looks like you’re gossiping with us. “Jonathan and Sonya” seems like they’re going places. I hope to hear more about them. He likes her a lot. “Where’s Clara?” I couldn’t stop laughing at that!! Keep up the good work Slim. It’s definitely you!!!

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