After 47 days of Lockdown. I needed to get out!!!

Ugh!!! 47 days of not going anywhere else but the supermarket and the liquor store. I haven’t really been anywhere. I’ve seen my homeboy a few times. He lives in the area of the liquor store. It wouldn’t be cool if I didn’t stop by. He wouldn’t have that anyway. It’s just been in that radius. I’ve been chatting with my female best friend virtually. I missed her and her pets. So… I decided to suit up with a mask and gloves. Said a prayer for about 30 minutes and hopped in an Uber.

Riding through the neighborhood to get on the expressway was really strange. Although, it was early afternoon and sunny and bright. It felt dark, long lines for every supermarket. Long lines for takeout food. Mostly everyone is in a mask and gloves. Standing at least 6 feet away or more. Some of us are scared as hell. Some feel like they are untouchable from the virus. I mean… There are bodies in the subway. Like… Watch the freaking news!!!


Anyway, I get to the Upper East Side. It’s a bit different.. While you see a lot of people out. They’re following the rules. Most of going shopping or jogging at arms length. I reunited with my friend. It was great!! We drank champagne and ate cheese with olives. Of course, we danced and sang our faces off. I needed that!! Her and I are huge cheese lovers. We tried different ones and had our usual. Then at 7pm we saluted the essential workers. Applauding and cheering, it’s not done in my neighborhood. So, to actually be in it was priceless. Then I realized that I may have had too much to drank. Went home and then… Slept until 5pm with a mild hangover.

The awesome thing about my city!! We will shout out everyone!! Cheers to the Essential Workers holding it down!!!

Stay safe everyone!!!

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.

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