After many years, I can finally watch this movie

Well, I’m going to give it another shot. When I was about five. My mom would pick a movie on television. We would watch it and after she would tell me all this juicy stuff. I now see where I get it from. This time she explained the film before it started. It was a remake of a movie I couldn’t stop watching. This remake had two of my favorite singers at the time. When I saw them on the screen. Let’s just say that I’ve lost it….

I don’t know what my obsession was with The Wizard of Oz. I didn’t get into Judy Garland until much later. It wasn’t my obsession with Billie Burke. That’s a whole different story. I totally connected with the scarecrow and he was my favorite character. I do remember being told that heaven was like this. The things your parents tell you. When you ask fifty million questions. She had an answer for every question that I had. However, the next question that I asked. I’m sure caught her way off guard.

She tells me about this film “The Wiz”. I’ve never heard of this picture. She tells me that Michael Jackson is in the movie. I had to be about six or seven when the “Bad” album came out. I had posters, stickers a doll. Other than gospel music, it was Michael, Whitney Houston and Diana Ross. My mother couldn’t stand rap. Anyway, I guess she thought it would be nice to watch. Also, I thought Diana Ross was the perfect female. Then, I saw Whitney and it was over for me. As she’s telling me about the different versions. The songs are going to be completely different. I was six and didn’t have a choice.

The movie starts and I saw Dorothy. I ran out of the room screaming and crying hysterically. She thought it was when I saw Michael. I looked at my mother and asked… “Why does she look like that? What happened to her? Why isn’t she dressed up? Where’s her hair?” I wasn’t expecting her to look like that. When I think about Diana Ross. I think glamorous and Dorothy was not. Then I went on to describe what I want my girlfriend to look like. My mom had this look on her face. It was priceless, I miss her face!!

She began to break it down. I was crying for hours over this. She told me that she was in character. That is what she was supposed to look like. She explained that her hair was under a wig. It made me feel better. However, I did not want to watch the movie. We ended up watching “Mama’s Family”. Why on earth was I in love with that theme song? Anyway, she tried get me to watch it again. I’ve never sat through it entirely. Then she was jumping around on the yellow brick road. I couldn’t do it. I wanted to see her in a gown and a microphone.

It’s now thirty four years later. I’m definitely going to give this another shot. By the way she has a new album coming in September.

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