Here’s a little story..

I’ve always had a passion to perform. My mother would make me sing in front of everyone. The song was “Man In The Mirror” by Michael Jackson. As well as, “The Greatest Love Of All” by Whitney Houston. Those two along with David Ruffin were my vocal influences. However, it was James Brown, Bootsy Collins, George Clinton & Rick James that excited me. I knew when it was a P-funk production. I would enter talent shows and a lot of times. I couldn’t do the songs I wanted to. A ten year old shouldn’t be singing those kind of lyrics. So, I played it safe and performed “My Girl” by The Temptations. I was neverallowed to express myself musically. It was traumatizing as hell. My teenage years I wanted to form a group. They were big in the 90s. That’s when I learned about my voice. It was really good and that I was killing it by smoking. Anyway, my friends and I formed a group. Through my friend Bobby that was unto managing and producing. We worked with another gentleman that was looking to start a group. Bobby introduced us to his friend Domenic. I thought he had an amazing voice. The three of us had a different sound. That’s what the producers enjoyed. However, us as a group had a different feeling. I remember one night in the studio. One of the members written the entire song. At the time I was just happy to sing. I wasn’t expecting them to make one of us a lead singer. We did it for a while until someone’s manager wasn’t happy. She eventually pulled him out and we broke up. Which led to become a karaoke champion and giving up entirely. I still had the desire and was discouraged at the same time. I lost my voice somewhere in between. Along with my confidence to even hum a tune. A few years later I’m working at a salon and a stylist hears me singing along. She was like “Oh! You can sing!” We should do something. I thought she was joking. About to weeks later I’m performing as a background singer. I’ll admit I was an utter disaster. That changed as time progressed. I was able to perform all over the city. It was a blast until the pandemic surfaced. We all took a pause to do other things. Such as… Acting, Dancing, Physical Training, Producing to name a few. I decided to learn how to produce my own music and create my own sound. I wasn’t going to be the one with nothing to fall back on musically. It was a bit of a struggle at first. I’m not the one to take a course or anything. Eventually, I started watching videos and tutorials. I’ve reached to a friend that was learning. We became to team and the music has gradually improved. I’ve found my sound as and artist. I’m a Blues, Jazz & Funk artist. As a producer, I’m learning how to do it all. From Pop all the way to classical. I’ve released my first mixtape in November. Complex Compositions is a funk, jazz and blues album and a little R&B. Which is available on all music streaming platforms. Please streaming, share, download and enjoy!

I’m working on a dance remix for my first single “Slaughter”. That will be out in December. Along with an ambient/meditation track titled “Tranquility”. Please visit my other pages for music videos and podcast episodes.