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The Aliens are working hard. The last week has been borderline insane. While folks are trying to work on their creativity. We’re remembering that we’ve had prior engagements. For the first time in months. We’ll be able to take a break. Although, it will definitely be a great thing. We’re discussing how much we would be able to complete. If we weren’t going away for the weekend.

We are going to be separated! The factory will be closed for the weekend. I’m going to bring my MacBook along to work on a few things. I know it’s a weekend getaway. However, when everyone is asleep. I will be able to get some stuff done. I’m having so much fun learning the ins and outs of the music business. Also, I’m going to get inspiration from something. Jay and I will be departing one another for a day. Lixander and Parsons are going to New Orleans. I’m low key jealous of them. However, I’ve only been to The Hamptons for work. This time it’s pleasure and I’m going to have fun.

As we’re learning and creating. We’ve discovering that we have a fan base in certain cities and states. According to the insights and direct messages. It looks like we’re doing pretty good. I mean, there’s no label distribution. We’re strictly independent and have investors that support us greatly. However, they’re a bit disappointed. Stating that we should be working. I totally agree and disagree. One thing, I have a single dropping in August. I’m trying to get my radio friends to promote this. As we prepare to drop an EP or album. That was supposed to have been in May. While we’ve been releasing music. We’re trying to figure things out. The single dropping on August 6 is called, Groovy Aliens Forever. It’s a smooth downtempo track. It has a bit of everything from Trap, Pop, R&B and Glitch-Hop. It’s my baby!! We’ve created this back in March. This was a pretty tough recording. I haven’t used my voice in a such a long time. I was nervous as hell! As I listen to it now. It’s actually my favorite song. Shout out to Lixander and Parsons for lending vocals on the project. Major shout out to Jay for the studio and production. We are just adlibbing and having fun. You can definitely hear it in the song. This is the song that will determine EP or album. Whenever, that will happen. Below is the link where you can pre-save on Spotify.

Also, you can download The Funk Building available everywhere! 

Thank you so much for your support!!!

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