At least the pancakes were good..

This was a day for the birds. About ten could’ve been flipped by Sonya. It started off with a business meeting. That went pretty damn good. She landed a few accounts. Here comes the coins!! After that she had to speed off to a date.. She met up with Jonathan in the city. They talked about their favorite food… It’s morning food!! She’s addicted to pancakes. He lives for omelettes. They’re on to something here. She’s supposed to meet Serena later in the day. Pretty much around the same time Jonathan had to meet someone. At the same place…..

Sonya has decided to set a few boundaries moving forward. With all of her friends and family. If she decides to mention anything. It’ll be brief and limited. It’s too much! After the three week entanglement 🤦🏽‍♂️ That she had to mention. Clearly, for safety reasons. Other than that, she feels like she is always being questioned. Questioned about her feelings… Which is something you don’t do. Especially, if you claim that you know Sonya. Obviously, you sure don’t! Plus.. You block your blessings, when you talk to much. She better leave these fools guessing.

The two new friends get to the restaurant. He orders both their food. She gives him the mom stare. The one that Kamala gave Mike. He looks and says… “I got it right, say yes!!” She laughs and kisses him on the cheek. They toast coffee cups and begin chatting. You would think that they didn’t just leave one another, twelve hours ago. They begin to bust down the food. These skinny ones can throw down. He stops woofing down his omelette. “You wanna keeps this on the low for today? We’re going to the same bar. I was hoping to see you. It’s a business thing. You’ll hear it and just sit close by.” She was totally cool with that. She wasn’t in the mood to play introductions. They had two rounds after breakfast. She wasn’t trying to listen to an interview. It’ll be 21 questions from Serena and her boyfriend. You don’t want to put a man through that. That’s just plain mean!

They proceed back to Georgetown. He grabs her hand and she leans on his shoulder. They share a brief kiss before going down the stairs. Then they start kissing. He went in, devouring her face. Mentioning that he won’t get that later. Sonya doesn’t want to say anything. Eventually, she will have to…. Who knows? She’ll probably play this off. Until the wheels fall off. She doesn’t even know where this is going. She doesn’t want anything to begin with. “Entanglement… loss denim.” will forever hang on her shoulders. They get to the bar and they sit together for the time being. Suddenly, he gets up and walks away. What? He texts… “Your friend is across the street. Go to the restroom.” She does exactly that. He grabs her and kisses her. “Call me/text me/miss me….” They head out separately.

Serena and her boyfriend arrive. Sonya is pretty happy to see them. She hasn’t even Serena’s man in a while. It’s always good to see Serena. It’ll last for about an hour and something will happen. Sonya loses her patience and she’s done with the day. They catch up… Sonya’s barely paying attention. Due to Jonathan getting up to use the restroom. She thinks his walk is cute. Also, she’s totally crushing on him. Where’s Clara? Sonya’s thinking… They were yapping on the phone. When these two talk, they talk. They will have a total blast. Sonya, usually passes out on the phone. Her and Clara share a laugh the next day. She won’t hear from Clara for two days. Still… Where on earth is Clara? He shoots her a text wanting to see her later. She’s going to try her best.

The drinks are going. It gets to the point where Serena and her man are bored. Sonya wanted to go to the city to eat. Which they actually do…. They get to the restaurant. It was already time to go. It was time to go when we got there. Sonya orders her drink. Then she orders her food to go. We have to make one thing clear. Sonya was born at night. However, it wasn’t last night. She knows one someone is acting funny. She wanted to get back to Jonathan anyway. They planned a nightcap. Sonya was left paying the Bill. What kind of nonsense was that? Like total disrespect!! Who does that? Now she has to fix her attitude before she gets back to Jonathan. She doesn’t want to talk about what happened. She orders another drink to calm her nerves. Never again, is all she’s thinking.

She calmed down and heads back to him. He notices that she’s off. How Sway? She blames it on the commute. They talk and laugh about the scenario earlier. These two totally kept it under wraps. It’s nobody’s business what they’re doing. However, when it’s Sonya. It’s everyone’s freaking business. They intensely make out. You would think that they were going to get busy…

Come on now… Sonya is keeping her word. At least the pancakes were good!!


Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.

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