Based on a true story – The Pride Of Donovan – Part 1

Here’s a quick story about a man name Donovan. He’s a relatively smart dude, he’s extremely friendly and charming. He was a bit spoiled growing up. His mom only had one son. His mom was heavily into the church. She practically placed him on a pedestal. Wait a minute… She did! His dad wasn’t any better. He wasn’t into the church and was wild. His dad was king and Donovan was prince. They taught Donovan to be respectful, nonviolent, and a gentleman. He was the line leader in school. All the little girls adored him. The little boys thought he was cool. He had all the latest action figures and toys. When Donovan was about four. He noticed that daddy doesn’t live in the same house. He asked his mom.. “Why does daddy always leave when I go to bed?” She then explained the whole thing about parents separating. Days later.. He corners his dad and asked him the same thing. He replied… “I was a bad boy. I don’t ever want you to be bad. Always, treat your spouse with respect.” He didn’t hit her… He cheated. That was all he told me… So, he would come over and take him everywhere. He would buy him everything. He gave the best piggyback rides. He loved Donovan and the feeling was mutual. Donovan’s parents would occasionally have date night. They were childhood sweethearts, the love was still there. Donovan, would catch them kissing and get grossed out. That’s when Donovan would get his dad to stay over. Donovan loved the weekends. His dad would take him to see his side of the family. While his mom would go to church and get his stuff ready for the school week.

Suddenly, Donovan’s dad takes a job that consumes his weekends. Donovan is now spending time with his mother’s side of the family. Which was overwhelming due to the family being huge. Not much in weight but capacity. That’s when things started to change. The kids in the neighborhood weren’t friendly. The kids were always starting and picking fights. It was a total nightmare. Donovan would beg to stay inside. He would he people tell his cousins… “He acts like a girl, he doesn’t act like a black boy, he’s spoiled, Why does he talk like that?” He would just cry all weekend and wait for his mom. He hated it there…. However, he did look up to his older cousin. She had a belt with her name on it. She had the latest sneakers and always bought Donovan a slice of pizza. That would make him feel better. It was always different for him at home than at his cousins. At home… He was the kid the played basketball, frisbee, jump rope and would cheerlead with the girls. He was accepted at home. As well as, at school. He was the go to kid… Playing matchmaker, the best tutor, I mean this kid was incredible… What was about to happen changed him and rocked his world for many years…..

To be continued…


Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.

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