Based on a true story- The Pride Of Donovan- Part 2

It was a cold September day. Donovan was just starting middle school. He was experiencing these weird feelings. He would get this feeling when he saw an attractive female. He started feeling those same feelings about males. He didn’t hide those feelings either. He explained it to his mother. His mother looked in shocked but not surprised. She told him “Whatever, makes you happy. Understand… not everyone is going to be on the same page with you. Just know that I will always be there and love you no matter what.” He then was explained the birds and the bees. He had a question for everything. She answered the best way that she could. She found out why he loved The Brady Brunch… Her son was crushing on the dad. As well as, Peter. He gets to middle school and everyone looks a lot older. He was petrified, he was still a bit short and skinny. Everyone would ask his age and he started to get annoyed. However, he was still friendly. A few of the other kids from elementary school were there. About a month later… His mother is in the hospital. For over a month. He went to go stay with his aunt in the bad neighborhood. Donovan, was a sucker for punishment. He did have more freedom when he was over there. At home there was a curfew, couldn’t listen to hip hop, and wasn’t allowed junk food. He would go to school and back. Do his homework and study. Then it was off to the game room to play arcade games. The kids were semi-friendly. They always wanted to fight. He would see three people attacking one person. It wasn’t his thing.. He would visit his mom often. They would cuddle in the hospital bed and watch TV. Finally, she comes home from the hospital. He notices she lost weight and is moving slow. She always had stomach issues and it was taking its toll. He would rush home after school and do everything he could to help her. She started making his curfew earlier. He couldn’t go away for weekends anymore. He had this strange feeling. He would talk to her about school. About the cute girl and boy. She would laugh and say “I’m sure you’ll get one of the other.” He needed to hear that. It’s now Thanksgiving.. Donovan and his mom is spending the day together. Watching the parade, cooking and singing. Later that day she let him visit his cousins for a little bit. He was shocked!! He didn’t even question her. He just took off! He started traveling by himself and he would get a thrill from it.

About a week later… It was a Saturday. He is told to pack a few things. His mother was heading back to the hospital. This time was strange. She started crying and anytime that happened.. Donovan would cry with her. She looked at him and grabbed him. Saying… “Stop crying.. You’re too handsome to cry” He wiped his face and just stared at her. Little did both of them know.. That was the last time that they would see each other. He spoke with his mom on the phone. They talked about him coming to visit after school. That Monday, he was excited. He put on his favorite red and blue shirt. Was talking about his mom all day at school. He even managed to do his homework in school. Just so he can spend more time with his mom. He comes home after school in the best mood ever. All the relatives were there. They all looked like they were crying. He’s asking about the vibe in the room. He gets pulled in the room. He’s told that his mother had passed away. He looks at his aunt. Tells her that he is going to play video games. He spent about four hours in the arcade. He didn’t say anything to anyone. He just played Pac-Man until closing time. He then cried and cried for days. This preteen just lost his world. How they hell can he manage the next six years?

To be continued…..

Author: Chazz.

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