Based on a true story- The Pride Of Donovan- Part 3

The years 13-18 were a total disaster for Donovan. He was so distraught losing his mother. He did go to the viewing. He didn’t like what his mom looked like. It wasn’t her that he saw. That would be the last time for many years that he will attend a funeral. He stayed home the day of the actual funeral. He did go to the gathering after the funeral. He went to see his friends one last time. Well, it wasn’t the last. He just wouldn’t be able to see them often. Which would be one of his regrets. Those were the friends that he loved with his heart. He decided to go live with his aunt and uncle. Along with all their kids. The bullying started immediately. He started bringing his belongings and his cousins immediately started taking things from him. Telling him that it’s community property. He didn’t understand that. He would defend himself every time his was picked on. They would yell at Donovan and say that he started it. Donovan would just cry and cry. They would still make fun of him. They made fun of when he cried, the way he dressed, the friends he made in school. He was often called a misfit and different. He would learn to ignore it. He didn’t really go through this in middle school. It was always when he came home. To that dark place. The kids in the neighborhood were horrible. His cousins were horrible. What could he do? He decided to get an after school job. The longer he stays away. He’ll be happy and no one will bother him. He wouldn’t have to ask anyone for anything. They still provided for him. He would get allowances and clothing etc.. He started missing his friends. He started wanting to go visit. He would be told “No, start getting used to the kids in this neighborhood.” They were gross to him. He may have like only three or four. He still talks to them today. He wanted the feel of his mom. It was his safety net.

Other cousins began to come around more often. Even the parents would make slick jokes about Donovan. This is supposed to be his family and they treat him poorly. He would go around the female cousins they push him away. He was tortured by his male cousins. He may have had a few cousins that treated him nice. However, a bad apple spoils the bunch. He finds a friendship with a girl in the building. They would become best friends. Her family was amazing. They invited him everywhere. They would hang together from sunup to sundown. They even got summer jobs together. They experienced pot together… Which would later bring them back together. She never made fun of him. She didn’t care what he was. He was her best friend. He needed that. It definitely would piss his cousins off. He would even ignore them while being outside. They would tell their parents and it was nothing they can do. His best friend name is Sandra. They’re the same age but Sandra was more experienced than Donovan. They would escape to their own world. She always had to babysit. He was always bullied. She taught him how to defend himself. Along with one of his cousins that saw things weren’t right. He would eventually stop attending family functions. Why go somewhere to get treated like crap? It lead to people saying things like.. “He thinks he’s better than us.” He never thought that but people said he was. Donovan, remained in school. He remained on the Honor Roll. He maintained a job. He stayed out of everyone’s way. He would play his video games and watch classic movies. The way his mom did. They made fun of him for that. High School graduation is coming up and changes are happening.

To be continued…….

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