Based on a true story- The Pride Of Donovan- Part 4

Donovan has learned that he will be finishing high school an entire six months earlier than expected. Which was bittersweet for him. He was excited to complete school after twelve years. He was sad about leaving the internship program. He’s worked with those people for three years. They saw him grow up. He’s learned so much at a young age. He finds out that he can work there until the end of summer. Which he was planning to do.

Donovan is going to be able to peace out his friends. He definitely wasn’t sad about leaving his friends. He was like “See y’all at the reunion.” He meant it!! It was maybe fifteen years later when he saw everyone again. He was also depressed that his mother wasn’t alive to see this moment. Her one and only son has graduated from High School. About to take the next step and she’s not here to see this. So, he decides not to take any senior pictures, walk down the aisle or attend the prom. It was his choice and I’m sure the people who were providing for him were totally thrilled. He didn’t even want the help. If it wasn’t from his own mom. Especially, if he was going to be reminded of that years later. It was anytime he voiced an opinion about how he was treated. They would say we provide and make sure that you have this and that. It was always a losing battle for him.

He’s now eighteen and has a job. He’s finishing up the internship and working at another location. He decided to take a year off before college. He earned it! Also, he’s saving money for a getaway. Donovan, is so busy these days. He has no time for anything or anyone. He doesn’t attend family functions because it’s unnecessary to him. He’s work friends treated him better. In fact everyone else did. He would go visit other relatives that treated him well. They never poked fun at anything he did. They always complimented him. They never judged his friends. They allowed him to be different and weird. When he was home. He was told that “He’s being to flamboyant.” It was always “He’s this, He’s that.” Meanwhile, he stayed to himself and did things that they asked him to do. Even though, he didn’t want to. They would treat Donovan like an errand boy. The other relatives would literally do nothing. People in the neighborhood noticed and started asking questions. Then it became “Donovan, is a horrible person.” No one believed it. How can you treat a family member so poorly. Donovan, slowly continued to remove himself from them. Their excuse for him no longer being around… “Oh! He thinks he’s better than us!” Really… How about you treat the kid like crap. He hates y’all?”

To be continued

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