Better late than never “Couch Potato-ing”

What hole was I living under? Or, was I caught up in the reality tv world? Who knows? I’m stumbling upon so many awesome sitcoms and dramas. Many are about five seasons in. A few are even more. Some are over and done with. However, that’s a lot of catching up to do. This is definitely the perfect time to do so. I’ll get to babbling out these shows soon. I need to do a video soon.

I’ve never been a CW fan. Most of the shows are on Netflix. I’m all caught up on Dynasty. I’m totally digging the reboot. I’m totally feeling the diversity of the cast. The drama is insane. It’s more wackier than in the 80’s. Another show that I’ve just started watching is Riverdale. My mother was a huge fan of the Archie Comics. As well as, Luke Perry. She turned me on to it. I’m interested in this so far. I mainly wanted to see Josie and The Pussycats.

I’ve completely fallen off watching… The Connors and The Neighborhood. Ive missed final season of Will and Grace. I see that Leslie Jordan is in a new show. Wait? Why did they cancel The Cool Kids? They’ve definitely dropped the ball with that one. Vicki Lawrence, David Alan Grier, Martin Mull and Leslie!!! The guest stars were awesome!! Patrick Duffy in a ponytail!! Max Gail from Barney Miller, Jackee’ etc… I don’t know. It would’ve been cool to see more of them.

I’ve never watched Scandal. I don’t think I have to. Every week, I just had to scroll on Facebook. I received the tea on the entire episode. They’re doing that with Power and the spin-off. I see that Law & Order, Grey’s Anatomy and even Funniest Home Videos are still on. I still don’t think those videos are that funny. I’m sure many will agree. I know The Simpson’s aren’t going anywhere soon. It’s doesn’t matter how many times you’ve watched the same episode. It doesn’t lose it’s funny. My friend put me on to this animated series on Netflix, Big Mouth. I’ll have a few bong hits and check it out. It looks like one of those.

I’m waiting for Pose to come back on. That show takes you through the motions. I’ve cried watching a few episodes. I want to see what happens with Angel and Papi. Blanca deserves to be in a relationship. What happened to the body that Elektra has hidden in the closet? Hurry up and come back!!! I’m almost all caught up on Grace & Frankie. I’ve started watching based on a poster I saw on the subway. Okay!! Two amazing actresses… This show is nuts! I’m a bit bonkers!! I’m in!! Peter Gallagher!!!!

If you have any recommendations. Feel free to to leave a comment. I’m open to anything.

Author: Chazz.

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