Beware Of Narcissists!!

We all know a few. Whether, it’s at work. Or, at home. It’s horrible!! Why are people so cruel? Some of us wake up and get the hell out of dodge. Some stay because they have been whipped. They’ve gotten so scared of the narcissistic individual(s).

They will say or repeatedly do something they know will get you upset. – Like bring up an extremely terrible moment. You never want to relive. Leave it to the Narc to bring it up. Or, say something they know will upset you. So, they can get a rise out of you. Walk away!! Don’t let them win!! Trust me.. Having the upper hand in this is quite lit!!

They will over flatter you when others are around. Once the party is over. They go back to belittling you. – They will mention all your successes and accomplishments. As if they ever supported your endeavors. Which makes them look good. Then when no one is around they could care less. They’ll usually let you know they don’t care. Don’t let them!! Call them out on the bullcrap!

If you confront them with something they have done wrong. Suddenly, they flip it on you. Regarding, something totally irrelevant to the subject. Now you’re looking like the bad guy. – If someone does something so terrible. You would confront the person. A normal person would be sincere and apologize. Not the Narckie.. They will rehash something from years ago. Or, whatever. You are now in this argument. They are going to side with Narckey. Due to all the things they have said about you. Don’t even give them the time of day. To even do something wrong.

You’ll end up getting the silent treatment. When you don’t do want they want. – If you are not on their side. Or, kissing their ass. They don’t want anything to do with you. Stay away period!!!!!

They’ll poke fun at your dreams with belittling. – They’ll try to make you look small. Example.. “Oh… You’re trying to blah blah Or, I see your little such and such. Or, you’re trying to be like.. Or, you’re not as good as. Such and such is more talented than you.” Really… Go play in traffic with your negativity!!

They’ll start a negative rumor about you. Just so they can have people see you in a negative light. – You’re either an undercover this or that. They’ll tell you to watch your back from the other person. Meanwhile, it is them you need to watch out for. Then they’re mind boggled why no one bothers with them.

They will try to sabotage your relationships with others. – Similar to the above

They are the first to hit with the “See.. I was right!, I told you so!” – As soon as, something goes wrong with the person. Here comes Narckey with I told you so. You should have listen to me. Firstly, that is the last thing anyone wants to hear. Especially, if your opinion wasn’t warranted in the first place.

When they see you in a good mood. They immediately try to disturb your peace. – You can be having the most amazing day. You look and feel great. They see you are in great spirits. They will find anything to discourage you. Make your mood shift entirely. Make up something horrible just to make you sad. Or, poke fun at your appearance. Even though, you left felling confident as hell. Find some winners to surround yourself with. These are losers!

When you are discussing your problems. It turns into their sob story. – You cannot ever vent to one of these people. You can be having the worst day. They’ll ask and soon as you think… They are going to give some encouragement. They’ll hit you with Well.. My problems are bigger than yours I I I! It’s gross..




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