Bismarck, Lane, Sonya & Jonathan

It’s getting hotter in June. No! It’s getting colder in June. One day it’s scorching outside. By the end of the week, it’s freezing. This was how Bismarck was describing Lane’s mood swings. She’ll start crying at any moment. As far as, eating is concerned. Sonya has become her foodie friend. Sonya can eat like a pig. She’ll always have a model figure. What’s with the Ritz crackers and ice cream? I’m going to admit… I’m probably going to try this soon. I’ll let you know what happens….

The foursome have been a bit busy lately. Sonya picked up a few shifts at work. Also, she had to say farewell to Serena. She left to study abroad for a year. Her boyfriend went right along with her. Sonya definitely wishes them the best. Jonathan wishes that the continue to travel. He also noticed how she’s been since Serena has left. He thinks she as happy as he is. She thinks the separation is good. We have social media and telephones. A year will totally fly by. Jonathan has been developing artist for a project. He’s also back into writing his book. Lane and Bismarck have been in “We’re going to be parents” mode. The new friends Mark and David. Are still the cutest addition to the circle. They’ve been very helpful giving Bismarck lessons on how to hold a baby. He’s always been scared of them screaming or drooling over him. He’s been doing great! Then there’s Clara…. Clara has been on a journey. She’s been doing the healthy routine these days. Sonya is extremely happy and proud of her. At the same time, she misses her company a huge deal. It’s understandable though, mood swings comes with these kind of changes. She’ll be back telling Sonya all about it.

Brenda and Opal have been sharing recipes with Sonya. Although, she can cook very well. She wants to get better at baking. Brenda makes a serious banana bread. It’s also something that Jonathan hinted. He has a thing for cake on Sunday’s. His mom baked one every Sunday for dessert. Instead of him buying one, she making one every other week. If they get married, she’ll be baking nonstop. That’s not happening anytime soon. A lot of things are happening. No one has time to plan a wedding. These two are practically married anyway. She’s making him a chocolate chip cheesecake. It’s his favorite…. Mark and David are hosting a dinner party. The four of them are excited to go. They want everyone to dress up. So… no beanie and sweats for Jonathan. No ripped up jeans for Bismarck. The ladies will be dressing their men. They’ve been letting their hair grow and it looks manageable. Jonathan has this layered thing happening. Bismarck can just make a sloppy man bun and it will look good. If Clara was onboard… She’ll have everyone arriving in a limousine and photographers everywhere. That would actually be nice… Where’s Clara?


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