The Virtual Happy Hour

Now that we’re all quarantined or semi-quarantined. You miss your friends. Thank heavens for the friend that thought of setting up a group chat. Wait!! It can be hit or miss. You might get caught in something you may regret. Tonight was pretty freaking awesome!! It was everyone that I see at the bar. They’ve become a second family. I could go on but I won’t get to the point of this. It was like we all were sitting or standing at the bar. Only thing we were serving our own drinks. No sexy bartender name… $&$&)) I got slammed pretty quick. Which usually happens at Continue reading “The Virtual Happy Hour”

We’ll get through this!!!

We are definitely in a crisis. We don’t know when this is over. We have people in masks and hazmat suits. It’s freaking spooky as hell. What in the world? Never mind… After being stuck at home for a week. I’m definitely not complaining about it. Eventually, you’re going to want to do Continue reading “We’ll get through this!!!”

An Introvert’s Fantasy

I know we are facing tragic times. However, I will admit being at home has been therapeutic. I mean.. For me, I actually get to slow down and focus. The bars are closed.. Which really sucks. Most of my friends work in bars. I do miss them. I don’t miss being out all night. When you want Continue reading “An Introvert’s Fantasy”

Shows that may have stayed on a bit too long.


I’m addicted to reruns and just television period. I’ve become a diehard fan of some that I have come to realize…. Stayed on for one or more seasons to many. Now, I’m no way bashing the shows. I’m still a fan of them. It’s just when you look back at some. You just stare blankly thinking. Wtf is going on here. It’s just like this should have ended while it was good.

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Ten of the greatest TV characters ever!!!

We all have a character on television. That we would identify with. Or, play pretend with the homies. Here are some of the greatest characters on television. They all have made you laugh, cry or just yell at the television.

Valerie Harper as Rhoda Morgenstern

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