Urban Outfitters gets slammed for racial profiling.

As a former employee of this company. I left on good terms so I’m not bashing, I’m just saying that it’s about time. That someone has said something about this. Well… I might just throw a little shade. Continue reading “Urban Outfitters gets slammed for racial profiling.”

What is everyone watching during quarantine?

Two months of not going anywhere. Most of us have learned a new skill, reconnected with loved ones, some even created an only fans page. However, there is one thing we all love is Continue reading “What is everyone watching during quarantine?”

When It Is Time To Make That Shift!!!!!

We have all been there… We end up in a few roles that we like, dislike and ended up being completely horrible at it. I’m talking about jobs. We take on most of the time… To keep the bills paid, you like the people you work with. Or, you really don’t have to do much. What happens Continue reading “When It Is Time To Make That Shift!!!!!”

This character

Super Mario a writer who dreams of becoming a director. His multiple personalities can get him in and out of trouble. As well as, everyone else. He’s somewhat introverted. Not all the time. He’ll pop out and show his ass. Depends on who’s around. He’s at a place where he feels. It’s Continue reading “This character”

Beware Of Narcissists!!

We all know a few. Whether, it’s at work. Or, at home. It’s horrible!! Why are people so cruel? Some of us wake up and get the hell out of dodge. Some stay because they have been whipped. They’ve gotten so scared of the narcissistic individual(s). Continue reading “Beware Of Narcissists!!”