The Birthday Shenanigans.

My birthday was on Wednesday the 23rd. I’m celebrating until March 5th. Due to everyone having crazy schedules. The big celebration is on March 5th. When my friend Jen and I celebrate  being Pisces and sharing an age. I’m enjoying the way this is set up. I’m actually getting work done. Even after doing numerous shots at the pub last night. I’ve managed to edit and record a few things.

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When we are allowed to sit in restaurants. Check this place out!!!!

Let’s go back to February. We were hearing about the Coronavirus. New Yorkers were not thinking that it was coming this way. It is now May 11. It feels like February was about five years ago. I’m totally exaggerating. However, you all get what I’m saying. I went to this amazing restaurant for a friends birthday. It was a lot of fun. At first, I was sketchy because it is in Continue reading “When we are allowed to sit in restaurants. Check this place out!!!!”

The Pandemic Birthdays

First.. I would like to wish any and everyone. Who’s birthdays are falling around this tough time. A Happy Happy Birthday!! I see a lot of posts on social media and hear my friends mentioning that. Their birthdays are Continue reading “The Pandemic Birthdays”