For all the Food Lovers. I highly recommend this!!!

The last two months, I’ve been pretty comfortable eating out. You know since this new normal that we’re living in. Although, it was totally amazing cooking at home. It was time for a break and I didn’t realize that it was going to be a long one. I’ve had my first home cooked dinner last night. Already, I’m back at being spoiled by waiters and waitresses. Here’s some good pics and what I actually think….

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Tuesday afternoon in NYC… Phase Three

Usually, it’ll add an extra fifteen to twenty minutes coming off the Manhattan Bridge to get into Soho. Today, the traffic was extremely light. The usual nightmare of getting out of an Uber on Spring & West Broadway is no longer. It’s become temporary I will say. I’ve seen pictures on Continue reading “Tuesday afternoon in NYC… Phase Three”

Based on a true story – The Pride Of Donovan – Part 1

Here’s a quick story about a man name Donovan. He’s a relatively smart dude, he’s extremely friendly and charming. He was a bit spoiled growing up. His mom only had one son. His mom was heavily into the church. She practically placed him on a pedestal. Wait a minute… She did! Continue reading “Based on a true story – The Pride Of Donovan – Part 1”

Need a lil’ juice? Check out these cool Juice Shops!!!

As some of us are phasing out of quarantine. Many are trying to do things differently. Behavior, physical activities and eating for the most part. I went from eating takeout on a regular basis. To cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner at home. I will say that I enjoy it. You get better at it. You’re watching all these cooking shows. Oh my goodness!!! It’s so good!!! Continue reading “Need a lil’ juice? Check out these cool Juice Shops!!!”

Before the city starts to open. I had to do something…

New York City begins Phase One on Monday. It appears to still be on as scheduled. As far as, work is concerned. I’m in Phase Two. Who knows what will happen in the next couple of weeks? I just realized that I had a bit of a problem.

Who knew?

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What is everyone watching during quarantine?

Two months of not going anywhere. Most of us have learned a new skill, reconnected with loved ones, some even created an only fans page. However, there is one thing we all love is Continue reading “What is everyone watching during quarantine?”