What In The Glookies Are You Talking About?

During this time of despair. We are all looking for things to do. Where to go? Wait! We can’t go anywhere but to the market or pharmacy. Which is becoming the highlight of my day. To be honest within weeks I did lose my sense of motivation. I haven’t shaved in two weeks. My Continue reading “What In The Glookies Are You Talking About?”

Indica, Sativa, Hybrid… Checks and Balances

We’re in the world of needing weed. If the leaders of the world smoked. The world would be a better place. Whatever, when you’re purchasing these days. You’ll get hit with.. “What kind? What type of effect do you want?” This is incredible.. So, I chose one that gets me productive and one that gets me to bed.

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Through The Years of Pot.

As a consumer for over the past 29 years. I’ve seen the laws change, quality and quantity change. Remember, you even had to be discreet about it. Now, we’re walking all over the place. Just a puffing away. We have dispensaries and delivery people. Even the local dudes are more consistent with it.

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