Cheers to an amazing weekend!! Phase One….

The weather is nice. We have some wearing masks. Then we have the ones that aren’t. Yikes!! I can tell you that I’m not going near anyone who isn’t wearing one. Friday afternoon I was out of order. My stomach was in knots. I haven’t had a drink since Sunday. Eventually, I found out what Continue reading “Cheers to an amazing weekend!! Phase One….”

Before the city starts to open. I had to do something…

New York City begins Phase One on Monday. It appears to still be on as scheduled. As far as, work is concerned. I’m in Phase Two. Who knows what will happen in the next couple of weeks? I just realized that I had a bit of a problem.

Who knew?

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Holy Smokes!!! The L train has been restored!!!

Great news!!! The L train shutdown is now over!! I know that it doesn’t mean much to me. Since, I don’t have a reason to go into Manhattan at the moment. However, when it’s time. My Continue reading “Holy Smokes!!! The L train has been restored!!!”

The First Month Of Lockdown

It’s been an entire month since the city has been on pause. At first many of us took it as a joke. Yes.. The memes were funny. However, when you hear that your favorite places are closing until further notice. It’s not funny. Wait!! It really gets unfunny when your job is closing also.

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