New Month, New Music… Hiatus Is Over!!

It’s been awhile. I hope everyone is doing well. Sometimes you just need a break from things. Well, I went back to work. I forgot how exhausting it can be. I still managed to work on a few things. Such as, revamping my animated series. Which the first season is on YouTube. Also, today is a huge day for me. Outside of payday…

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New Music, New Album & A Few More Episodes.

As my ears are slowly recovering. We’re still working hard. I mean, it is a team of three. Things will still get done if we’re out of commission. It has happened many times after a wild night. We were zooming from bed having meetings and whatnot. It’s pretty hilarious, none of us are able to scream. Which is actually a great thing.

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Something New!

Ladies & Gentlemen, I’m excited to announce the new release of my newest single titled “Sorry”. It’s a dance tune that will have you jumping. Shout out to James & Alex for co-producing this with me.

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An Animated Short

I’ve always wanted to do these. I’ve discovered an app on Instagram. As I was watching a few stories. These strange advertisements always pop up. It can anything from boosting music streams. Which I hear can get your music removed. To all kinds of photo filters. This one caught my eye. An hour later I’ve created myself and James characters. Everyone else will be featured soon. I may do a series of shorts. Who knows?

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Sorry.. Available for Pre-Order

I have a new single dropping on March 4, 2022 titled “Sorry”.

This is definitely a club banger. According to the few individuals that I’ve played it for. If you want to vibe on a good Dance/EDM track. I think I have you all covered.

Here’s a promo video for the upcoming single.


The Session Must Go On.

That saying… “The show must go on!” definitely plays a key role these days. We’ve had a few sessions booked for two artists. However, when one doesn’t show up with time and money being spent. There’s no room for waste. We did what we had to do. At first I’ve was extremely disappointed. Alex and James not so much. These two are use to this. I was just looking forward to wearing my producer hat for someone else.

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