After 47 days of Lockdown. I needed to get out!!!

Ugh!!! 47 days of not going anywhere else but the supermarket and the liquor store. I haven’t really been anywhere. I’ve seen my homeboy a few times. He lives in the area of the liquor store. It wouldn’t be cool if I didn’t stop by. He wouldn’t have that anyway. It’s just been in that Continue reading “After 47 days of Lockdown. I needed to get out!!!”

After The Storm, Plague……

Many of us are going to be humbled. Many of us will resume being assholes. Many of us will resume gaslighting others. Many will realize that being apart from someone is the hardest thing that they’ve ever done. Many will realize being trapped with someone is the hardest thing that Continue reading “After The Storm, Plague……”

We’ll get through this!!!

We are definitely in a crisis. We don’t know when this is over. We have people in masks and hazmat suits. It’s freaking spooky as hell. What in the world? Never mind… After being stuck at home for a week. I’m definitely not complaining about it. Eventually, you’re going to want to do Continue reading “We’ll get through this!!!”

Tekashi 69— Gets a Release Date!!

Great news for rapper Tekashi 69. Who is currently doing time for the involvement with the Nine Trey Blood Gang. Is set to be released from prison in August 2020. His lawyer Lance Lazaro has spoken on many outlets today regarding his release.