Now this is a trip!!! Stoner edition

Imagine going on a trip for a few days, without any herbal essence. I had my vape pen, which was fine. Okay… No it wasn’t. It was by accident I left the bag happiness on the counter. I had to give myself the only beat down for that one. Thankfully, I have friends that came to the rescue. However, there’s nothing like having your own.

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Before the city starts to open. I had to do something…

New York City begins Phase One on Monday. It appears to still be on as scheduled. As far as, work is concerned. I’m in Phase Two. Who knows what will happen in the next couple of weeks? I just realized that I had a bit of a problem.

Who knew?

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Looking like Springtime in Lockdown

Actually took some time to look up, down and around. Usually, I’m doing the same. This go round it wasn’t looking in fear. It was in amazement. Continue reading “Looking like Springtime in Lockdown”

The Wild Card

Donovan is about 40 Years of age. He’s rediscovering life at the moment. He works to keep his bills paid. He would rather go sightsee and take pictures. He has a crazy shopping habit. However, he’ll make the cheapest outfits look expensive. He’s single and he’s an introvert. He is the friend everyone wants around. He’s bit of a stoner. He’s extremely attractive but doesn’t see it at all. He’s vulnerable and tough at the same time. He spends a lot of time with Shane. Although everyone says that he shouldn’t.

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What In The Glookies Are You Talking About?

During this time of despair. We are all looking for things to do. Where to go? Wait! We can’t go anywhere but to the market or pharmacy. Which is becoming the highlight of my day. To be honest within weeks I did lose my sense of motivation. I haven’t shaved in two weeks. My Continue reading “What In The Glookies Are You Talking About?”

The Social Distancing Stroll

After countless days of being indoors. Not counting going to talk to your family at the window. They live a minute away. Does that count? I don’t know… Anyway, I decided to go to the supermarket. They only allow five people in at time. Also… You need to be armored with a mask Continue reading “The Social Distancing Stroll”