When things open back up… What is the first thing you are planning to do?

While, we are waiting to get back to normal. I know many of us are on some the same page. Regarding, one simple thing. What are we doing on our first day back in the world? Most of us Continue reading “When things open back up… What is the first thing you are planning to do?”

After 47 days of Lockdown. I needed to get out!!!

Ugh!!! 47 days of not going anywhere else but the supermarket and the liquor store. I haven’t really been anywhere. I’ve seen my homeboy a few times. He lives in the area of the liquor store. It wouldn’t be cool if I didn’t stop by. He wouldn’t have that anyway. It’s just been in that Continue reading “After 47 days of Lockdown. I needed to get out!!!”

The Virtual Happy Hour

Now that we’re all quarantined or semi-quarantined. You miss your friends. Thank heavens for the friend that thought of setting up a group chat. Wait!! It can be hit or miss. You might get caught in something you may regret. Tonight was pretty freaking awesome!! It was everyone that I see at the bar. They’ve become a second family. I could go on but I won’t get to the point of this. It was like we all were sitting or standing at the bar. Only thing we were serving our own drinks. No sexy bartender name… $&$&)) I got slammed pretty quick. Which usually happens at Continue reading “The Virtual Happy Hour”

Indica, Sativa, Hybrid… Checks and Balances

We’re in the world of needing weed. If the leaders of the world smoked. The world would be a better place. Whatever, when you’re purchasing these days. You’ll get hit with.. “What kind? What type of effect do you want?” This is incredible.. So, I chose one that gets me productive and one that gets me to bed.

Continue reading “Indica, Sativa, Hybrid… Checks and Balances”