Dancing With Unicorns And An Amazing Rabbit.

It wasn’t too much of a surprise that winter showed her face this weekend. I’ve chalked it as two memorial weekends done the tube. That I was actually excited about. The introvert showed his face and I stayed in. It’s something about Memorial Weekend that just doesn’t sits right with me. The cool thing is I was able to release music this weekend. This is a revisit to a chapter in my life. Enough about that…. Let me tell you what happened….

While I was working on a few tracks. I decided to hit the usual flower. Which is something that I do extremely often. If I’m working a certain job. I will not smoke at all. When I was full time at the salon. I was dripping oil in my coffee and baking myself during lunch. At that place, there wasn’t any real choice. It didn’t help if someone was getting yelled at. I would laugh hysterically for about an hour. It would tick everyone off. I’m now on a part-time basis. So, I guess they’re very lucky. Anyway, I decided to eat a slice of cake. It’s an edible cheesecake. It was heavenly going down. It was so damn scrumptious!!! I think the strawberries are what added the punch.

My mind gets going on a flow. When that happens I can’t be stopped. I’m back and forth with James via FaceTime. Everything is coming out great. Thank goodness!! All of a sudden, I start hallucinating and it was wild. I started flinching at anything that was there. It was hilarious! Who the hell runs from a sneaker? It was like a mushroom vibe. Just a little bit lighter. As I’m listening to one of the songs. Bugs Bunny shows up and begins dancing. We gave each other a high five and boogied. Then this unicorn comes from nowhere and it’s a party. Yes! My imagination went off the rails. However, it was an amazing time. The unicorn didn’t introduce himself. He was kept winking and dancing. Bugs Bunny does a pretty crazy shimmy. We had this really sick conversation. We chatted about music and television. I know it sounds bonkers but it sorta happened. I went back to work on the music right after. Two songs were completed and I called James.

As he listened to the music. He definitely questioned my sanity. He gave his criticism about it. He said that I’m definitely aiming for a stoner crowd. Which is kind of what I’m going for. We can leave the crooning to Lixander. I’m definitely going to hear… “What were you on when you made this?” Its a beautiful thing. I hope that it happens again. I’ll probably have to stay awake for two days. Get baked and have some cake. Once a month I can tolerate getting spooked. However, the hallucinations can be fun. It’s not something that you want to play with.

The Funk Building is available everywhere!!!

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.

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