Did Sonya Get Some?

The election is finally over, Sonya is on the loose and it looks like one friend bit the dust. It’s been a hell of a week. The weekend happened to be a little crazier. She did have a great time with Jonathan. Also, she ran into Alex. That was quite interesting. She bumps into the friends of the older gentleman that kept her belongings. It started off weird then it turned funny. You gotta laugh at this really… She was warned not to talk to anyone from that bar. She got what she deserved. Next time, she’ll probably listen.

The week of the election, she decides to put her phone on do not disturb. She wasn’t trying to hear from anyone who was against the candidate who she wanted to win. Also, just the back and forth is way too much. Especially, if you’re not the same race as her. Or, share a common background. Also, the ones that are against this candidate. Are most definitely not the brightest individuals at all. You know an intelligent person vs. a person that loves to hear themselves talk. Talking about nothing but themselves and make asinine remarks. It’s been remarkable few days not hearing from them. Also, they were defeated. Who wants to hear from a group of sore losers?Or, just losers period… not me.

Sonya receives a wake up call from Jonathan. These two are actually going to brunch with a few friends. These friends are couples and Sonya doesn’t do the couples thing. However, she’s going to sit down and behave herself. These are Jonathan’s friends from the bar. They seem to be really nice. She needs to give this a chance. Not every couple are gross. She gets to the restaurant and Jonathan is standing outside waiting for her. They greet one another with a kiss. He picks her up and spins her around. They walk over to the table and sit down with the rest of them. It’s a great time… Sonya is getting to know them better. She’s actually having a blast. No! She’s not just sitting tolerating them. They’re making future plans! Good for Sonya!

As they all stagger out of the restaurant. Alex is walking in with a woman. They exchanged hugs and hellos. The night that these two had together a few months ago. That was just two friends that haven’t seen one another. It wasn’t going to be anything after that. She knows him a bit too well. Also, she just wanted to make out that one time anyway. She introduces him to Jonathan. They chatted a bit then left. They were going back to his place to take a nap. They both were full and wasted. I mean… it was gallons of mimosas. He looks at her with this look. She gives him the same look back. They’re now making out in the car. The driver had to yell at them. Notifying that they reach their destination. They entered the house. He immediately takes off his shirt. Sonya is in total amazement. She runs into the restroom to wash her hands and check herself. She calls Clara for advice. Clara was busy working on her directorial debut. She’ll just WWCD? for the night. She proceeds to the living room. He sneaks behind her. He’s pressing himself against her, kissing her and playing with her hair. She looks at him and she attacks him. He then slaughtered it for a good hour and change. It was magical… They passed out for a bit. Within hours, it became a marathon. They didn’t disappoint not one bit. She’s probably going to be walking funny for a few days. He’s walking around looking like he just got some. She’s not leaving any article of clothing at his place. Although, you can tell he’s not like the other gentleman.

Speaking of that person… Sonya shows up to that bar. She’s meeting Opal and a few for cocktails. It’s a hot Saturday afternoon. She approaches the bouncer to get her temperature checked. She sees his friends sitting directly across from her crew. What in the entire hell? She’s going to be a big girl and face whatever. It wasn’t awkward at all. They greeted each other. He said that his friend wasn’t here. Thank goodness!! Eventually, they will have to face each other. Is someone going to stop you from going to a place that you’ve frequently visit for many years? They all here a loud commotion outside. They all run to see what’s happening. It’s a parade!! It’s now a full on celebration in the streets. Everyone in the city were happy with the results of the election. Who has time to be thinking about nonsense.. They city is having a party. Everyone was wearing masks. It guess that was okay.

The miserable couple stayed clear of the celebration. I guess they don’t know how to take defeat. Losers!!! ✌🏽❤️

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.