Donovan, Shane, James and Montana

Four friends are trying to make it in the world.

Donovan is 40 years of age. Hitting midlife crisis. Took a job to keep the bills paid. Has a shopping habit. However, he’ll make the cheapest outfit look expensive. He’s single and he’s an introvert. He has his moments were he lets it all out. He’s the friend that everyone wants around. He’s quite a stoner. He’s attractive but doesn’t see it. He’s vulnerable and tough at the same time. He spends a lot of time with Shane. Although, everyone says that he shouldn’t.

Shane is 28 years of age. A college graduate. Has had a few jobs. However, still gets a few things handed to him from his parents. He uses the “I’ll just call my mom. She’ll save us all” line. It actually works. He wants to be the life of the party. He’s in a relationship. He’s in this phase where his friends think he’s a bit jaded. His spouse thinks it’s time to get job. He admires Donovan. However, at the same time. He takes jabs at him.

James is 33 years of age. A business manager. Him and Donovan have become super close friends. He’s very leery about Shane. He thinks that Shane only wants people around when it’s beneficial to him. James, is extremely good looking. He loves to have a good time. His dating life is like an episode of Vanderpump Rules.

Montana is 34 years of age. He’s a police officer. We call him whenever we have a situation. It’s usually a relative of ours. It’s never one of us. Well… At the moment. He’s also in a relationship. It’s pretty new. So, it’s cute to watch. He goes to Donovan when he has an issue. Sometimes it is a nightmare to get him out. When he does come out. He’s a good time. He’s also laid back. When gets really funny when the alcohol hits.

It’s Thursday afternoon. Donovan is leaving work and James is coming across the street. They exchange hellos and are thinking about getting pizza. They both just finished working. So, it’s like that they’ll hit up the bar. James orders pasta said that means that a discussion is about to happen. So Donovan does the same. James grabs two beers. Passed one to Donovan and starts with… “Biiiiiiiiiiiiii” Donovan already knows it’s something out of this world. So he wraps enough linguini around the fork. Goes.. “Spill it!!” He tells Donovan about a wild weekend and he hooked up with someone that he shouldn’t have. However, it was good. He’s going to see the person again.

Donovan phone starts ringing. It’s Shane.. James rolls his eyes and tell him to ignore the call. He calls again… Asking if anyone is meeting up at the bar. Donovan says in about an hour. Then hangs up. James stares Donovan down. He goes.. “I don’t know why you are friends with him. He barely gives a fuck about you. He sees you as a person of convenience. He only hits you up when he’s bored. Am I right?” Donovan gets ready to debate. But Montana walks in the pizzeria and instantly interrupts and throws off the conversation.

Montana is gushing about his new relationship. It’s been a few months already. So we’re all in a state of shock. That he’s still going on about it. They went on a vacation to Vegas. Which is not Donovan’s idea of a vacation. Anywhere there is noise it’s a no go. He brings everyone back presents. He asked about things with everyone. He asked about Shane. James starts back up. Donovan interjects with… “We’re meeting him in a few.” Montana picks up the tension. “He said what happened while I was gone” James goes… “Shit! Happened while you were here!” He then goes “I’ll respect him because of you Donovan. Just know that he ain’t shit.”

We get to the bar… Everyone is there. Of course.. It’s a gorgeous day turning into a beautiful night. James walks in first. He sees some random guy who has bud. They dip off and make a transaction. Donovan and Montana grab seats for James and Shane. Who’s been waiting for us to get there. Him and Donovan hug. James walks up saying “Y’all fake as hell!” Shane is taken aback. James says “You don’t really like Donovan” Shane goes… That’s my best friend why would you say this!!” He admits that he doesn’t trust him. Donovan, is speechless and the only thing for him to say is.. “First round on me” Shane ordered pizza and mozzarella sticks for everyone. James felt a bit bad and apologized. He said they’ll address it another time.

Until the next episode….

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Author: Chazz.

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