Expecting The Unexpected

We’re getting through the spring season. It would be nice if we can actually receive spring weather. I’m about ready to fold my turtlenecks and break out the summer colors. I’m not complaining at all. We just need some consistency. With the change in seasons. They’ve noticed a slight change with Lane.

Bismarck comes downstairs in a rage. He looked like he’s been through hell and back. He’s one of the most peaceful gentleman around. This was really strange. He goes to Jonathan and starts hugging him. Sonya immediately asked about Lane. “Get her away from me!!!” Yelled Bismarck. “She’s been arguing with me about everything. Then she starts crying and throwing things at me. I haven’t done anything. She won’t tell me anything just after the arguments, it’s like nothing happened.” Sonya and Jonathan had this look of confusion. That would make Joey and Phoebe look like nerds. “Dude! Your girlfriend is having a little Biz!” Jonathan said this with conviction. “I’m just saying, she’s been eating like an oinker.” Immediately, Sonya runs upstairs to Lane. She’s making a huge breakfast for her and Bismarck.

What’s going on with you? Sonya began the interview with that question. She sits her down and told her that she’s late. Usually, there would be a sick twisted joke right after. It didn’t happen at all. She just stared blankly and thought about what Jonathan said. Then it came to Sonya’s mind that Lane doesn’t cook. She mentioned that Bismarck is crying. Then she started crying hysterically. Sonya gets her to make a doctors appointment. The thing is Lane knows that she may be in a family way. She actually wants to start a family with him. She’s just call over the place. She thinks that Bismarck would be upset. Meanwhile, he wants to be a dad. After some reassurance from Sonya. She calmed down and went to talk to her boyfriend. Thanks for leaving Sonya cooking breakfast for everyone. Clearly, the lady is expecting. Why was she making Fish, Shrimp and Pancakes?

She throws Jonathan out of his apartment and the conversation begins. It started with a huge apology. She explained that she hasn’t been feeling well lately. She immediately stated that she wasn’t crazy. She just may be having a little crazy in her belly. He laughed and mentioned that Jonathan said this. Which lead to… “Who’s frying seafood?” He asked. She said she was just in the mood for some. She didn’t want pancakes. Twelve minutes later…. she woofed the food down. He instantly yells… “We’re definitely going to the doctor tomorrow!!” Jonathan makes the sound of a pig. Sonya, slaps him reminding him that this could be them. His eyes became so huge. You would’ve thought he was eight balling all night.

I guess we have to wait and see what happens.

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.

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