Finally!!! The wait is over!!!!

After a month of having temper tantrums. I mean, it was serious. You would’ve thought that I was a seven year old kid. That couldn’t get the toy that he wanted. I’m a bit disappointed with myself. Not too much…. The super dramatic moments occurred whenever I was alone. It was constant huffing and puffing. I’ve probably even jumped up and down, slamming myself on the ground. I’ve asked myself… “Was this foolishness even necessary?” Yes! It really was.

I’ve mentioned a few weeks ago. That I went to the shop to upgrade my iPhone. After receiving countless emails and texts, informing me about an upgrade. I remember dragging myself into the city. I prefer the shop near my work. The gentleman helps me… He was great! However, the news he gave me wasn’t so great. “The phone is on back order. You should receive it in three to five days.” Here I am picking out cases and whatnot. I wasn’t that upset about. His customer service helped a lot. I could’ve lost it and caused a scene. However, I’m a changed dude. I don’t act up anymore. I breathe first and actually think before I react. I go about my day and grab some Dim Sum to take home. I check my email and now the phone isn’t shipping until February. What???? Just clobber me already….

After checking the tracking number over and over. Four weeks later, I receive a message. My phone is due to arrive tomorrow. Yippee!!! I wanted it for a Christmas present to myself. A few weeks later isn’t so bad. It would’ve came around my birthday. However, I want it now!!! This is no way a materialistic thing. Well…. It’s mainly for my blogging and videos. I Just want a better camera. If the phone can do everything that these professional cameras can… Why not? Eventually, I will get a ton of equipment. For now… I’m starting from scratch. I’m on a budget!

To my friends that I may have cried to…. Thanks for giving me your shoulder.

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.