Fireworks along with an exchange of words.

Wow!!! I haven’t seen someone fire words. Let me start over.. What in the world was that? Clearly, if you continuously disrespect someone. Eventually, a breaking point happens. This has
happened around 8pm Thursday night.

Suddenly, fireworks in NYC are legal. Since when? A lot of strange things are happening. Phasing out of a pandemic. We’re currently in Phase Two. The world is protesting. So, I guess this makes it okay. Ugh!! Unless, it’s a celebration. Why are you causing a disruption in your own neighborhood? Three weeks before the Fourth of July?? While your essential working neighbors have to wake up extremely early. Day after day this has been going on. I guess someone had enough. I hear nothing but screaming and it gets louder and louder. I grab me a cup of grapefruit juice. I go outside to see a young woman yelling at a bunch of dudes. She clearly wasn’t having it all. All her points were extremely valid. Apparently, she asked them days before to stop. You’re lighting this stuff up in front of her home. Waking up children that have virtual school. Take this in front of your own home. Was she wrong for sounding off? Absolutely not! I’m sure other neighbors probably felt the same way. Were they wrong for continuing on arguing? Absolutely!! If you’re asked to move away from her home. You should do so… Especially, when you’ve never had issues with the neighbors. The dudes were sounding off but… She won the screaming match. Of course the drama will not be over. Stay tuned!!

Meanwhile….. This is happening now

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