For all the Food Lovers. I highly recommend this!!!

The last two months, I’ve been pretty comfortable eating out. You know since this new normal that we’re living in. Although, it was totally amazing cooking at home. It was time for a break and I didn’t realize that it was going to be a long one. I’ve had my first home cooked dinner last night. Already, I’m back at being spoiled by waiters and waitresses. Here’s some good pics and what I actually think….

Let’s start with Dog Tooth Bar & Grill… At this time the restaurants are doing 25% indoor seating capacity. We chose the outdoor patio seating. The weather was perfect and to be honest…. It was too soon to be indoors. It’s still lurking in the air.. The service was amazing! The quality and quantity of the food was totally worth it! I don’t make it to New Jersey often.. It’s like a four hour drive. Next vacation, I guess.

Appetizers were on point!!!
Salmon, Shrimp, Potatoes and Veggies

We also tried Boathouse… That’s also in Wildwoods, New Jersey. Another place with great service.. The waitstaff were great to look at also. The frozen drinks of course slapped.. It was perfectly priced and you get fed!!!

When I made it back to the city of New York. I’ve had to hit up my favorite places ever!! I’ve been coming here for about eight years now. It’s always been a good experience. It’s usually twenty four hours. These days, it totally is not. I don’t know the hours. I’m there during lunch and dinner time. All the drinks are great! Another place with eye candy staff and good service. Also, they are following the guidelines for this COVID-19. They’re on top of the cleanliness. I’ve sat inside and outside. The heat lamps outside are really good.

It’s all about the Cheddar and Fontina Mac and Cheese.

Another great restaurant I’ve had the chance to visit. Fig & Olive… I’ve seen this place on the Real Housewives. I had to check it out. Myself and two friends stumbled upon this place. It’s an outdoor seating one, at the time. The crowd eating looked cool to sit around. You can always tell by the customers. Some will look totally miserable and I’m not feeling that vibe. I opted for the pasta and spinach. The drinks are great… I highly recommend the Froze’. The waiter was very friendly.. Definitely, check this place out!!

The spinach, fig and nuts were amazing

There it is…. Dog Tooth and Boathouse are in Wildwoods, New Jersey. Cafeteria is in Manhattan, on 17th & 7th. Fig and Olive is on West 13th in the Meatpacking District. Please don’t say… that I never recommended any good food. Thanks!! ✌🏽❤️

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