From A Vocal Frog To A Decent Vocalist.

The instrumentals are fun and all. However, it comes a time when you may have to showcase yourself. It’s been years that my vocal cords have been challenged. I’ve admitted repeatedly that I’m not the greatest. However, I can definitely hold a note. Also, I was told that I have very good range. It’s been a year and three months that I’ve given up cigarettes. That has played a huge part in the change since I’ve sang. Along with a good friend that knows how to tweak vocals in the studio.

I remember growing up, we would joke about our favorite artist. They would sound amazing on the radio. However, when it was time to sing live. They would get ripped into shreds. We called it studio magic! That’s exactly what I’m using today. It’s the best thing ever! You can turn your vocals into a robot, chipmunk or auto-tune. That’s only to name a few. When you first hear the vocals that you lay down. You hear all this heavy breathing and error. Once it gets cleaned up, it’s beautiful. It gets matched with the music. The pitch gets corrected. Sometimes you’re doing ten, eleven takes. I don’t know if I’m exaggerating though. It’s taken me I think more.

These days it’s becoming a breeze. The confidence definitely helps. Am I ready to perform live again? As far as, performing in a group session. That’s definitely a yes! I’m not ready to perform a set of my own yet. I would definitely open up with one song or two. That’s a solid six minutes, if even. We’re working on a few songs that definitely showcases these chops. There were moments when I’ve got emotional. None of the songs are about anything emotional. It was the “We have to do it over” that was frustrating. I thought that I was sounding good. You must listen to your producer.

I made a promise that I would not touch R&B. That promise was broken a bit quickly. While, I’m sticking to the Glitch-Hop and electronic elements. I’ve incorporated some soulful riffs into a few songs. One will be released on all music streaming platforms later this month. It’s called, Boulevard Of Promises. It’s about hearing a bunch of lines. When you know the person isn’t right. Then you change your mind. This one has a combination of Funk, Hop-Glitch-Hop and Pop elements in the song. It was definitely a challenge. At the same time, I had a blast. We’ve managed to start working on a few more.

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