From Dating to Becoming Official

It’s Sunday morning and Sonya wakes up to a few missed calls. Her godmother, dad and Jonathan has been calling nonstop. It took her a while to find her phone. She had a wild virtual date with Jonathan. He’s been quarantined since he’s been back from a family trip. So, it’s been nothing but virtual action for them. They’ve managed to make it work. However, the quarantine is over and it’s Valentine’s Day.

She sees the messages that he has sent. Which gives her a reason to call him first. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d be expecting sometime this year. He tells her a little bit of the plans he made for them. She’s getting all excited and she has plans for him. He couldn’t hesitate to show her. He hits her on FaceTime and she’s taken aback. She sees roses, champagne all the good stuff. She gets herself all dolled up and heads to his place. It’s even more beautiful than what she saw on video.

She walks in and every lightbulb was colored. Roses were everywhere from the entrance to the bedroom. As well as, to the bathroom. It was very smoky and smelled amazing. This man really outdid himself. As he’s showing her everything. She’s in total disbelief. No one has even gone all out like this for her. Lane and Bismarck come downstairs and it’s a reunion. They have a few drinks and play a few games. The girls tolerance had dropped since the summer. The dudes were going to make sure they were wasted. Bismarck jumps up and stands on the table. Out comes a studded microphone, he throws it to Jonathan. He whips out another one. They begin to serenade the ladies with “I’ll make love to you” by Boyz II Men. Lane starts happy crying and Sonya turns into Simon Cowell from American Idol. They did pretty damn good.

The ladies return the favor by giving a dope karaoke version of WAP and TLC’s “Red Light Special”. They also toasted each other expressing their feelings about each other. Bismarck then asked about Jonathan’s love for Sonya. He turned into a teenager who just met his first crush. He then asks Sonya… She goes on about how great he is. They start kissing, like full make out session. Lane yells… “Make it official already!!!” They both laughed and she said.. “We are official!” Jonathan stands up and jumps up and down. She was going to mention it at some point. He picks her up and swings her around. Lane and Bismarck are staring at them like proud parents. It’s freaking hilarious.

He made it clear that he doesn’t want to become friends with Serena and her boyfriend. However, he’ll be respectful whenever they come around. Many people are feeling that way about them lately anyway. She has no problem with that. She’s been focusing on so many other things. Also, she’s worried about getting pregnant. She’s had a few scares and doesn’t want to think about a child just yet. He does want to get to know Clara, Brenda and Opal. He wants to do that in April.  He feels that their level of sanity is pretty high. He gets a fake vibe from the other couple. You can’t blame him though..

The night goes really well. They end up partying and watching movies. Lane and Bismarck staggered upstairs with Jonathan carrying Bismarck. Jonathan and Sonya finish the night just drunk talking and carrying on. He then gives her the stare. She saw the look in his blue eyes and melted. That led to a wild marathon of love making. It was rounds and rounds. It was interrupted for a second when he noticed that his blinds were open. They’ve definitely gave a few people a show. They continue to finished one another off. They are definitely going to hear about themselves when they see neighbors.

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Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.

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