Genevieve and her Ice Capades.

It’s about four in the morning. Most people are waking up, going to bed or having the best sleep of their life. That was the case for Sonya. Until the doorbell started ringing. She jumps up and runs to the bathroom then go to the door. It’s Genevieve Miller… What in the entire hell is going on? She looks like a disaster. She’s wreaking of cheap booze, her eyes are bulging out of her head. Clearly, she had a lot of booger sugar and $3 booze. Knowing her she didn’t pay for the blow. Bums…

Genevieve drags herself in and plops on the couch. She’s crying hysterically about whatever she’s trying to utter out of her mouth. She’s speaking totally gibberish and Sonya is losing patience. She pours Genevieve a huge glass of water and gives her a towel. Sonya then goes… “Are you upset that you wasted blow by chasing it with cheap booze?” They both laugh.. She tells Sonya that she met a guy a few weeks ago. This is going to be interesting. Very interesting, she’s married. Sonya jumps up and tells her.. “I’m not judging you. However, you’re in deep shit!! You totally slept with him, didn’t you?” The long silence occurs…

She meets the guy at a charity event. She was with Serena that night. If Serena had her boyfriend with her. She definitely was in a corner with him and Genevieve was just drinking and yapping with anyone. Serena and her boyfriend were busy trying to be noticed. So, you leave your friend for attention? Meanwhile, Genevieve and this dude looks hot standing next to one another. Everyone thinks that they’re this super gorgeous couple. Their both tall and are in amazing shape. Looking at them is a turn on. Must be something going on that no one else knows about. However, you don’t do anything around Serena. It’s going to be one epic night. When Serena slips by accidentally running her mouth. They hook up in the bathroom stall. Then it goes into his limousine. Serena, sees the whole thing.

She calls Genevieve and asks… “Where are you off to? Who’s this man?” She says it’s a dealer and she’ll be back. She came back alright.. Along with an extra three times. She looked like she had her world rocked like no other. Serena, let’s her have it. Serena, is the friend that will judge you. Meanwhile, she can be morally challenged. They storm off from each other. She heads to Sonya’s and Serena heads home. Sonya, phone starts ringing. It’s Serena….

Serena: Girl, when I tell you the shit that happened about an hour ago!!!

Sonya: I think I know.. Genevieve, is here hysterically crying.

Serena: She told you what she did, right?

Sonya: No. She just got here.

We all know Sonya is telling a lie. Serena, gets ready to tell her. She’s interrupted by her car alarm going off. She was charging her phone and had to go outside. Sonya hangs up. Already, she had to deal with the crying banshee. Now she’ll have to deal with Motor Mouth Molly. The sun is starting to come up and enough is enough. If this was their friend Clara.. She would have taken a deep pull of her cigarette and yell “Get the hell out of my house!!!” She reminds everyone of Auntie Mame. Sweet as hell but when it’s time to go. It’s definitely time to go. However, Clara was sleeping and having nothing to do with this. Genevieve starts talking about her husband. He’s always at work, he doesn’t pay her attention anymore. Sonya just listens… What can you really say? She’s never been married. Also, she’s never cheated on anyone.

Genevieve has herself up a creek. She talked herself to sleep. Sonya’s face is stuck on WTF?. Serena calls back… Tells Sonya every single detail. Then says.. “I didn’t tell you anything.” What?? You two were together and you didn’t have her back. “Goodnight Girl!” Sonya hangs up. Then tries to go back to sleep.

This is going to interesting.

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