He loves them… They love him!

It’s an extremely warm November afternoon. It’s Wednesday and it’s feeling like a Sunday. Sonya spent most of the day working from home. Along with thinking about Jonathan and what he’s going to do to her later on. Meanwhile, he’s not working at home. He’s actually making space for another game console. As long as, he doesn’t disconnect the Wii. They both try to beat each other at Mario Kart.

As the time goes on… She receives a message from Brenda. Seeing if she wants to have dinner with her and Opal. It’s definitely going to be a yes. However, no one really knows about Jonathan. Other than, her sister and Clara. Serena thinks it just two friends that just hang at the bar. Sonya’s really keeping this under wraps. Why? Who on earth would know? She immediately hits him up. Letting him know that her friends want to have dinner. He’s totally fine with it. A little disappointed that she’ll get to him later than planned. She then says… “Why don’t you come with me? They’re not like the other couple that you’ve seen.” He replied with… “I don’t think anyone can be like those two.” He must have really seen a red flag. This has been said by many people. WTH?? She reminded him that they had a brief introduction on zoom one night. He totally remembered.. He was down after that. Sonya said that she was going to bring a plus one. Immediately she gets… “It better not be Serena!” “I want you to meet someone.” said Sonya. It’ll explain where I’ve been lately.

They meet up at their favorite Italian restaurant. It’s five minutes away from Brenda and Opal, twelve minutes from Jonathan. Brenda and Opal arrive first. That’s one good thing about them. They’re never the late ones. They’re overall an amazing couple period. You can learn from them. You have a good time with them. Sonya and Jonathan arrive and Opal walks up… “You better not sneak that heifer in her. You’re tall as hell. Are you hiding her?” He looks at Sonya. She laughs and introduces herself to him. Brenda walks over, waving her hands in relief. Did they really think Serena was coming? They sit down and immediately starts yapping away. The question finally comes… “How did you two meet?” Sonya explained where and how it happened. As well as, they’ve been dating. Which was shocking to them. Due to Sonya dating the older gentleman. After that debacle, she laid low and stayed local. She was crushing on him long before the older gentleman anyway. Thank goodness he was available. The dinner goes really well. They make plans to get together for a charity event. Opal goes… “Hey Jonathan.. You’re good for her. Don’t mess up. Or else!!!”

They get back to his place. They weren’t wasted like the last time. He cracks open a beer and she makes a cocktail. She finds herself resting between his legs. He’s playing with her hair, mentioning that he’s having a wonderful time with her. She replied with similarities. They share a kiss and continue relaxing. He then begins to tease her with his junk. She’s into the last few minutes of her show. She teases him back and the show is over. He bites her on the neck, instantly leaving a hickey. She immediately freaks out mentally. The playfully slap each other around. He grabs her and pinned her on the bed. Then savagely makes love to her. It was definitely another marathon. They went a few rounds, smoked and went right back at it. She calls out of work the next day. He does the same thing.

So far, so good. He had the chance to meet the good couple that Sonya hangs with. They really enjoyed his company. Also, they’re going to keep the secret too!!!

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.