Holy Beef!! Danielle is coming for Andy!!

Wait!! His very first guest on “Watch What Happens Live!”. I always thought that they’ve had a relatively good relationship. Looks have definitely deceived me. I’m a huge fan of hers. I was bummed when she decided to the franchise again. Let’s dig into this. Let’s hope it makes sense.

Danielle Staub

They’ve been coming for Andy lately. Wasn’t NeNe pissed with him a few months ago. Now I know he’s a bit messy. But it’s usually a good thing. This seems a bit wild. Well… I just wasn’t expecting all of this. She posted on Instagram on 8/26 regarding the entire situation. She basically no longer has any respect for Andy.

What the hell did he do? She went in… saying. “I am no longer forced to walk into the Lions Den,” she began. “Andy kept me In the dark long enough! He has taken whats mine and given it to others! Now that you are a parent I’d hoped you would see some of the pain you caused my family, even when I left the show to protect my young children, you mocked me repeatedly defaming me and yet I still continued to give you over a decade to do right by me and mine! Now it’s time you understand that ‘for every action there is a reaction.’ You must’ve seen this coming and YOU know you were wrong, yet you continued. So for all the times you held me down and picked me apart instead of building me up and standing with me, for all the times you made me stand alone ‘kept me in the dark,’ may you tread lightly in your own darkness. ‘For letting me be the last to know’ may you learn to do better.”

That’s a lot!!!

I’m not a parent. So, I definitely don’t understand. I’m going to try. She then kept going with this… I’ve been waiting for you to revere me,” she wrote. “I’ve even gone as far as to ask you to be kinder and more gentle with me but it fell on deaf ears. No more waiting or asking, I have no hate no more respect I don’t honor you and I won’t defend you. But I will advise: ‘Be careful whose toes you step on today because they may be attached to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow.”

So basically he’s never had her back in the first place. This sucks!! But this is good!!!

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