I like this ride. “We have a new look.”

Went to visit my best friend. It’s been a minute since we’ve gotten together and just bug the hell out. It was pouring down raining when I jumped in the Uber. I mean it looked like it would for hours. So I decided to leave Genesis at home. There goes riding through Central Park.

As I’m getting out of the car. The rain has stopped. It’s a bit gloomy but decent. The sun is trying to show her face. I’m sad now that I don’t have Genesis. Good thing… She has an additional scooter. Oh yes!! I wanted to give it a go. It’s completely different from the one I have. This one is connected by Bluetooth. Mine totally is not. I’m so addicted to riding. After me loving on my nephews, eating cheese and sipping on champagne. We take the kids “scooters” out for a ride.

It’s starts off way different than mine. You have to kickstart it. Mine you just press and go. I like the kickstarter thing. It was faster and the gears were in a different position. I totally dig it. You get to see me go down the street below….

This helmet is pretty solid. My friend called it the “Daft Punk” helmet.
This Rosemary Marlo from “The Drunken Munkey” Uptown is absolutely everything!!! The outdoor setting is attractive too!!!

Now the video… Peace & Love

I don’t recommend riding with wingtip shoes. I was totally nervous. I think I look pretty gnarly.

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