I’m feeling this new series… “Call Me Kat” You should too!!!!!

I know, I know it’s only the second episode. However, it has some of my favorite actors and actresses on this show. Usually, when the cast members are really popular. It can become a major hit. Or, a huge hot mess of a miss. Remember, The Cool Kids? I’m still bummed by that cancellation.

My feelings are hurt.

Another thing that I’m also bummed about.. I had written a review about the first episode. It somehow happened to get deleted. I had a whole meltdown over this. This time I’m writing about the first two episodes. What I will say is that… I totally disagree with most of the reviews. This show is really funny. Mayim Bialik “Kat” from Blossom and Big Bang Theory, Kyla Pratt “Randi” from The Proud Family and One on One, Leslie Jordan “Phil” who is just everything and then some. I’ve been a fan of his since the Hearts Afire days. Swoosie Kurtz is hilarious as Kat’s mom. You have Cheyenne Jackson “Max” from American Horror Story. Also, he’s amazing to look at period. Julian Gant is great as Carter. He owns the bar next to the cafe.

Call Me Kat Thursday’s 9pm FOX

The series is based on the British sitcom Miranda by Miranda Hart. Call Me Kat follows a 39 year old single woman who struggles against society and her mom trying to prove that you don’t need everything and still be happy. I’m sure that’s what most of us that are 39-40 are figuring this out now. She quits her job as a professor at the University of Louisville. She takes the money that her parents set aside for her wedding to open a cat cafe in Kentucky. I’m already feeling the premise. So many of us have up and left something and started over.

The first episode Kat introduces herself to us. I always enjoyed the sitcoms when the characters talk to the viewers. We meet her employees Phil and Randi. Her childhood friend invites her to a vow renewal ceremony. She invites Phil even though she was told she can only bring someone that she’s romantically involved with. Which upsets her mom and Tara. She fixes things with Tara. However, she checks her mom. Letting her know that she doesn’t need to be in love to be happy. The end we see Max asking her out to dinner and she accepts.

The second episode her mom sets her up with a dude that works at a racetrack. It’s on the same night that she’s supposed to attend Carter’s event with Max. She stands up Brandon. Which was a huge mistake. Come to find out it wasn’t. We’ve learned that Max still has feelings for his ex. Phil sweats a lot after a drink or two. Him explaining how he passed out from two beers was hilarious. Randi checks a customer for not tipping. He breaks down the whole philosophy of why he doesn’t. I totally disagree, gratuity is gratuity. I know it’s an option. However, many people survive off tips. She’s crushing on him though. They look each other up. He finds out that she’s a photographer and gifts her an expensive roll of film. Kat later finds out that Brandon is married. He only wanted to meet Kat for some words of wisdom. She checks her mom and tells her not to set her up. However, that changes when another dude mom hooks her up with drives a dope car. Okay Mom… Don’t mess up this time!!

This show has received a ton of negative reviews. It’s a great show. You have to give it a chance. Jim Parsons is an executive producer of the series. Even a bigger reason to give it a chance.

Call Me Kat airs Thursday’s at 9pm on Fox.

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