I’m going to give this show a watch.

I was scrolling somewhere and discovered that there’s this new show coming out on BET. I haven’t really watch that channel since early 2000s. When these channels played videos all day. Hi there, MTV and vh1! Anyway, a bunch of artists who were in girl groups except Nivea. Are going to form a super group of some sort. I’m kind of trapped in the past when it comes to music. Also, Pam from Total is going to be on the show. I was obsessed with Total back then. Every talent show in high school we’ve performed one of their songs.

I’m sure it’s going to be good.

I’ve also saw that Kiely Williams from 3LW. First of all…. Omg!!! Then it’s Shamari DeVoe from Blaque. I wish it was Brandi too. Just like the have Irish and Misha from 702. Fallon and Felisha from Cherish. Aubrey from Danity Kane. Along with my girl, Nivea. She’s very entertaining and she seems down to earth. An album is supposed to happen. They’re going to be living in a house for 30 days. Goodness gracious! I’m hoping that these ladies can act like they have common sense. By that… I mean having a good time and getting along. Wait!! These are women who were in groups that have gone through some foolishness. I mean what group doesn’t have trials and tribulations? I’m going to rule out Blaque. I’ve never heard anything negative about them. RIP Natina Reed. She had a sick flow. That album Torch is really good.

Also, I didn’t know that Fallon and Felisha have written for so many artists. Chris Brown, Bieber, Sevyn Streeter, Tamar and others. Good work!!!

I’ve had these albums and played them to death. So, I’m going to tune in. It’s starting in June and all these shows are starting back up. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, New York City and Potomac. This is a going to be a mess for me. I’m sad that Pose is almost done. These episodes have been epic. These storylines are intense as all get out. Last week when Pray Tell found out that he doesn’t have much longer to live. Oh man!! Wait!! Jackee Harry, Janet Hubert and Anna Maria Horsford. Icons from 227, The Fresh Prince and Amen. They came through with that one. Then the drama with the pastor. Oh dear!! It was good!! I have to catch up on B-positive also. That show is funny as hell. I’ve been working a bit. I’m missing out.

What are you all watching? Or, maybe wanting to watch?

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