Indica, Sativa, Hybrid… Checks and Balances

We’re in the world of needing weed. If the leaders of the world smoked. The world would be a better place. Whatever, when you’re purchasing these days. You’ll get hit with.. “What kind? What type of effect do you want?” This is incredible.. So, I chose one that gets me productive and one that gets me to bed.

Some really break it down for you. Some tell you what it is and then you’re just excited over a name. Yes! I’m one of those. Most of the time I do my research. So, I’m not actually clueless.

We know that THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is what gets you high and hungry. It helps with pain and nausea. CBD (Cannabidiol) helps with anxiety and inflammation.

The choice is yours

Don’t just jump up because you hear “I have Girl Scout Cookies.” Yes!! It sounds great and all. However, when you hit it. It may not be what you actually want. Then you’ve wasted money and time. This is 109 percent serious!! Here are some names you’ll likely hear in the city:

Sour Diesel is a one of the most popular ones you probably will end up with. If you’re on some last minute. Or, my connection is unavailable. It usually comes with a THC level between 18-24%. It’s a distraction. You’ll end up doing 8 things at once. You’ll feel and uplifting cerebral high. You’ll laugh for a bit. 7/10

Regs (Green) is your basic, it is what it is type strain. In my opinion. The THC level is up to about 15%. It’s dehydrating as I don’t know what. You’re eyes get super dry. The high doesn’t last to long. 9/10 you’ll end up with a headache. 4/10

Bubba OG this is another popular one. This leans to the indica side. It starts off slow. Somewhere between midway through or the end. It creeps up on you. The THC level hits from 20-24. You’ll probably end up slumped on the couch. Feeling stress free and uplifted. 7/10


Northern Lights This is another indica. The high on this one is long lasting. It’s a quick high . The THC level is about 18-20%. You’re probably going to want a nap after this. It’s mind calming and it’s not recommended for beginners. 8/10

Platinum Kush Another put you to bed strain. It relieves stress and depression. The THC level is 15% Beginners should also beware of this one. The sedative vibe is cool. Just not for newbies. 8/10

Girl Scout Cookies I tried this one a year ago. I enjoy this one a lot. If I’m out at a non-work event. I’ll likely have this one on hand. You get like this boost of energy. I’m actually more sociable when I’m on this one. The THC level is 24% it’s sativa dominated. You’re getting the munchies. 9/10

Pineapple Express is magical!!! It’s super potent due to a high THC level of 26%. Another sativa dominated hybrid. You’ll get hungry and maybe a bit paranoid. With a splash of goofy and giddiness. 8.5/10

After all that…. I’m starving


Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.