Was Donovan Wrong For This?

He shows up at a family function. It’s actually a funeral. However, it’s usually the time that everyone gets together. If not it’s someone’s wedding and he’s looking for an escape. Due to the food not being catered. There’s always the family member who swears up and down that she’s a chef. Sweetheart, just because your husband says so. It doesn’t make it factual. He’ll usually have a box of crackers and cheese in his bag. By the looks of things… He’s glad he chosen to crackers.

He arrives to the funeral and he’s late. This time it was a work issue. His relief happened to be running behind. Everyone looks at him when he arrives to the funeral home. “Omg!! It took you long enough!! What took you so long? Why do you always do this?” Immediately, he takes a deep breath. “I was at work, which is really none of your business. Also, he’s already dead. He’s not going anywhere.” Then walks inside and pays his respects. They weren’t waiting for him. They wanted to see if he even showed up. The ones that he grew up close to. They just won’t give him a break. A few other relatives treat him actually they same. He doesn’t believe in retaliation at all. He is firm believer in karma. Which is hitting them hard and fast. He goes to the wife of the deceased. “What are you doing here?” Really? Theresa jumps in… “We came to pay our respects” What are we doing here? Donovan, leans forward to her and whispers, “You’re next!!” Doesn’t even go to the body. They pissed him off. Theresa is telling the other relatives what happened. The McGills are not going to defend him. They’ll make up an excuse and that’s it. Anytime, someone does something to him. They make up an excuse or would mind-fuck him so bad. He’ll believe them. They would say… “You can’t be mad at us. We’re your family.” Although, they gaslit him into an emotional wreck. He says that he’ll let karma handle it. I feel that he’s up to something.

An extremely tall and attractive gentleman walks up to him. “Are you okay? You look pissed!” Immediately someone from the McGill clan chimes in. The gentleman puts his hand up and says. “Donovan! Are you okay?” He replies with a “Not at all, Dude. I just want to go home.” He leans into the gentleman. “I’m Nelson, by the way. You guys are at a funeral and this is the behavior. I see why he keeps me away from you people!” Other relatives are coming out of the funeral parlor. Nelson, isn’t causing a scene at all. He’s talking so calmly. However, the McGills are bringing up stuff from years ago. “What does this have to do with anything?” He chimed in. “You all started with me about being late. I don’t live with you. I’m not leaving with you. What the fuck is your problem with me?” Nelson immediately grabs him.. “Honey, let’s go. You don’t have to worry about them anymore.” They say goodbye to everyone except the McGills. One of the uncles from the clan yells… “Yeah! Nobody wants you here anyway!” They continue walking then turn back. “Everyone sees you people for who you are. That’s why no one comes to visit. They don’t invite you people to anything. That’s why you weren’t invited to the wedding!” Donovan and Nelson were married four years ago. They didn’t even know that he was dating anyone. He’s smart!!!

The McGills tried to challenge him. The proof was in the pudding. They had the documents in the car. Also, they have a two year old child. How did he keep this such a secret for so long? He discovered that he couldn’t trust them at an early age. Although, his mom is deceased. He feels that he didn’t have to tell anyone. Now, it’s really a scene in front of the place. They’re now upset and crying that he kept this from them. “Think about all those years that you’ve gossiped about me, spreading rumors and lies and threatening me. Why would I want you in my life? Or, my husband and children? The thing is many people knew. They haven’t even told you. That’s why I can trust them. Also, they never treated me like the way you people did.” Theresa chimes in with… “Presley is the cutest thing ever. I’m so thankful to be his godmother!” This is just adding fuel to the fire. He doesn’t feel bad for keeping this secret. He felt that it’s what they deserved.

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