It takes two to tango.

You sit through a conversation, where the person is basically interviewing the other person. The other individual is just sitting there. Literally wanting to scratch their own eyes out. Totally being ignored having to raise their hand to talk. Thank goodness he had friends that were calling and texting the entire night.

Donovan witnessed this from the sidelines. It was extremely rude and pathetic. He felt bad for his friend. He can’t stand a… me, me, me individual. It literally drives Sharif insane. The alcohol was absolutely not making any better. He watched his friend get totally shut out. He’s sitting in the middle and conversations are going over him. Like he wasn’t there. Finally, one says something. Sharif starts talking and the friend makes it about him. Sharif is starting to get annoyed. Donovan is wiggling. He was giving him signals. Sharif was to distraught to even keep it together. He went to the restroom and finally came together. He knew he wasn’t wanted and when he’s ready to get the hell away. He will make it his damn business. His friend offers to wait for a car. Donovan, jumps in and says “No! By the time he gets downstairs the car will be there. He doesn’t need or want an escort!” Wow! He gives his friend a hug. Because he went to visit her in the first place. He wasn’t too upset with her. They have a bond. Sharif really loves her. However, he’s eventually going to mention how he felt. Sharif immediately grabs his things and dashes. Telling Donovan in the elevator… He stayed someplace where he felt shut out and he had no use being there. Meanwhile, he initiated the gathering.

His friend is now calling and calling. Sharif doesn’t want to hear anything. He didn’t even get the car yet. He just needed to cool off and hug Donovan. He gets the car and finally calls his friend. His friend is talking. Sharif, clearly is not even listening to what is said. They end up texting. Reading the most bogus text “We were supposed to leave together. Why did you leave?” Donovan is just staring at Sharif. Not wanting to say what he feels but. He eventually goes… “ And that’s supposed to be your best friend?” He suddenly takes a selfie. “If he wanted to go he wouldn’t have offered to wait for your friends car to come.” He’s completely over friendships entirely. Donovan is trying to get him to hang in there. I mean he lost a few friends that were extremely close to him. He had been to many funerals. He has a friend that he has reconnected with. They’ve been friends for over twenty five years. That’s going to be Sharif’s saving grace. Along with Donovan, that’ll keep checking him.

In my personal opinion… Sharif, should just focus on himself. He has a powerful friend in Donovan. As well as, his friend that he reconnected with. Get into some astrology and toy with crystals. It works for many people, I hear.

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.

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