It was today I’ve learned that you can get a bit of exercise on an electric scooter.

It’s been a few months now that I’ve been riding. Lately we’ve had some rainy days. I mean thundershowers and horrifying downpours. The roads were destroyed the next day. I usually would lap around a few times then go on some journey. I’ve started noticing something. The feeling when you’ve worked out and you’re now sore for a day or two. I always loved that feeling. My arms and legs are looking like something now. I’m a twig with no definition. I’ve mentioned this my scooter buddy. She goes… “Oh yes!! Because of this and that!!” So… let me get into this and that.

Look at my baby boy.

I kept repeating back.. “You’re not moving and just standing on something gliding.” I’ve found out that scooting around for hours a day. Helps your core development. Being stable on the scooter helps your core strength. You’re maintaining your balance, riding along bumps. You can’t fall off. It’s dangerous and embarrassing. So, that’s something I’ve learned.

Your arms definitely get a workout for sure!! Again balancing… Your arms are in the same position for a good length of time. You will develop some soreness. Don’t expect guns anytime soon. It does help you get there.

Getting back to the bumps on the road. You literally have to bend your legs. You’re holding your balance. You’re up and down avoiding branches, rocks, squirrels and traffic. If you’re one of those that uses the scooter for everything. My calves are definitely looking and feeling different. That makes me happy!!!

It’s just something I’ve noticed. I’m sore a lot from riding. I don’t think that it’ll give you that amazing body. It definitely helps.. So… I’ve added some exercises when I want to pull over in the park. Since the park in my neighborhood, have outdoor workout things. Which, many are using since the gyms are still closed. 😥

The 6am thing has been great also.
Hydration is everything!!!

Also… This has been a great way for social distancing. You’re not near a bunch of people in the street. Or, on a bus or train.

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