It’s all about supporting others

A few weeks ago.. I had an emergency visit to the barbershop. I’ve been caught up with work and doing my own thing. I’ve happened to lose track of time. Also, getting away with rocking a hat and mask everyday. Anyway, it was long overdue and he called me out on it. He also dropped a shocker in my ear…..

Really Steve?????

He’s leaving to open his own barbershop. He’s telling me all the details. After he finished, I stopped him from buzzing my sides. I immediately said, “Dude, Congratulations!!! This is incredible!!” He then looked at me as if I spoke in another language. He said, “Say What?” I repeated myself and laughed. He told me that, I was one of the only people that said it. He then asked, “How can you say that so easily?” I’m like…. That’s what you say to someone when something great happens. Why wouldn’t I congratulate someone on this? Especially, if we’re on a cool level. Which leads to the point of what I’m saying….

It’s strange where your supporters come from. Most of the time it’s absolutely strangers. Or, people that you are mildly acquainted with. It’s by chance that your own family members will. Or, your best friend would even give a damn. I can say a handful of family members and maybe a few friends that I’m sure have my back. One friend blessed me with the tools and resources to get started. Crazy thing… I didn’t realize it until the first month of being locked down. I have friends that have launched their own businesses. I’ve made sure to show my face or send a gift. If I’m unavailable to attend. They’ll know and still have my support. That’s what you’re supposed to do.

I remember performing at a lounge in the city. We had hip hop concert. I was nervous as hell!! I’m performing in front of a crowd. This wasn’t some college talent show. This wasn’t karaoke night. This is a show where scouts were in attendance. I’ve invited friends and family members. Only five showed up. I was disappointed as hell. However, the show went on. We slayed the stage. I had a two minute solo. It was the worst moment of my life. You can clearly tell that I was scared. Looking back, it’s pretty funny. I wasn’t too bad either. We spoke about the performance and the crowd. The crowd was huge. It just would’ve been nice to have my people there. The artist that performed showed us love and explained about having a support system. I was still somewhat discouraged.

I saw that it wasn’t just me. Many of my close friends and relatives have started these endeavors. Some of doing pretty darn great! They still haven’t let the non support team stop them. Or, the haters, laughers and naysayers. Here we are today. Writing and talking and making music about it. Thanks to those that are following and supporting. It means the world to me!!! You all rock!!!

Coming in May….. A new single, followed by an album. The Charles Anthoney Cabrera Project… Available on SoundCloud.

The thing about this is feeling when it’s the right time to release something. Whether, it’s a picture, article, story or music. I’m really excited about where things are going. Knocking on head…. Chazz, Who are you??

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.

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