James confronts Shane

Everyone survived Thirsty Thursday. Donovan wants everyone to meet back at 7pm. Just for a quick two and smoke session. The last time we all spoke to one another happened while we were saying goodnight. However, it’s Friday and for once. Each of them have the weekend off. Smells like trouble… I think not.

Donovan will get up super early. Do laundry, food shopping and have pancakes for breakfast. Smoke and watch documentaries. Shane and Montana will probably be wrapped around their significant others. James will be trying to convince Donovan to go shopping. Unless… Montana hits everyone up two hours before the bottomless brunch is over.

Shane is already at the bar. Stuffing his face with calamari and washing it down with a Jack and Coke. He looks like a truck hit him. Donovan walks in and grabs a drink. However, he’s stoned so he needs about ten minutes to get it together. Shane looks at Donovan with anger. Asking him Why he didn’t share any? Donovan takes him outside and lights up. So Donny… “What was with James last night. He says that I’m a user and I’m using you.” Donovan exhales… “You know how he is.” Shane goes.. “But I’m not like that at all. He barely knows me. Dude!! You don’t believe that shit he’s saying?” Donovan says no.. However, he hesitated for a bit. Or, maybe he couldn’t find his lighter.

Four drinks later. Shane and Montana didn’t bring sand to the beach. James finally arrives with two people. Shane jumps up gets him his favorite drink and pulls him to the side. James immediately tells him.. “I think that you’re a bit phony. You take shots at Donovan. Meanwhile, he’s been nothing but a friend to all of us. Even when he going through his shit! I just feel like he’s more of a friend to you than you are to him” Shane, defends himself saying Donovan takes shots at him and they go back and forth. Calling Donovan his brother. Which they do.. It’s like Dorothy and Blanche from the Golden Girls. “If Donovan doesn’t have an issue. Why should you?” They end up agreeing to disagree. Meanwhile… Montana is dancing with some elderly woman.

James’s friends are sitting next to Shane and I. Shane gives me a signal. In my head I’m like you better not be thinking of cheating. My phone vibrates it’s Shane. “Do you see the way this person is undressing you?” Ugh! He already knew but damn!!! Shane sees this shit. Either Shane will be the perfect wingman or the perfect cop blocker. He tells Donovan about the conversation with James. He apologizes to him in case he may have felt a way. Donovan probably could care less. He’s always stoned. Shane then eggs him on about taking to the person. Montana walks over and spills his drink all over James’s friend. Not the one checking out Donovan. The one checking out Shane. The friend asked Montana if Donovan was with Shane. He told him no.. Donovan is waiting for his ex. Montana tells everything. He goes.. “Donovan is hot but Shane can get it” Clean up in aisle four!!!

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