Jazmine Sullivan Drops Heaux Tales. Album Review

Wait!! It’s actually an EP. I would consider it a full album. Due to the the amount of tracks. I guess because it’s not even 35 minutes long. However, it’s over 30 minutes. I’ve learned something today that I will probably never get. I do get the fact that this EP is really amazing.

Heaux Tales by Jazmine Sullivan

Heaux Tales is her first release since 2015’s Reality Show. The EP includes features from Ari Lennox, Anderson .Paak and H.E.R. The album was primarily recorded in Sullivan’s Philadelphia home. Many have this year due to the pandemic. The album is described as “today’s women standing in their power and owning who they are,” as the Philadelphia singer put it in a press release. The project includes three previously shared tracks: 2020’s “Lost One” and “Pick Up Your Feelings,” as well as the recently dropped “Girl Like Me” featuring H.E.R. Check this out!!! “What you asked I would have given.” She’s sure “It ain’t right how these hos be winning,” then reconsiders: “That’s what you wanted, that’s what you get/A ho I’ll be.”

“Heaux” is a French version of “hoe,” placing a longtime insult at an analytical distance. In the songs on “Heaux Tales,” Sullivan looks behind dismissive stereotypes — party girl, avenger, sex addict, gold digger, cheater, castoff — to show complicated human longings behind them. The word is still insulting no matter how you put it. However, I get the drift of this album.

Sullivan released “Pick Up Your Feelings” in November. It’s an unforgiving farewell to a cheating lover, by no means the first in her catalog. “I deserve so much more than you gave to me/Now I’m saving me,” she declares to someone she’s caught “double dippin’.” Damn! In “Lost One” the singer is the betrayer; it’s a confession of pure despair, moaned in Sullivan’s low register over a hollowly echoing guitar, as she watches the one she cheated on have rebound affairs and begs, “Try not to love no one.”

My favorite track thus far is “Put It Down” and “On It” You can be this and that but as long as you put it down. On it, she teamed up with Ari Lennox. Whom I’ve never had a chance to get into, until now. It’s a slow jam telling why he deserves and and what he can receive. The spoken word tracks are really good. You hear all kinds of perspectives on Heauxness. You kind of feel like you’re in the conversation. It’s the real deal!! It makes you think and if you’re going through some mess in a relationship. This album is your session.

Heaux Tales is available now!!!!

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